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The Poor Little Rich Girl

CastMary Pickford, Madlaine Traverse, Charles Wellesley, Gladys Fairbanks, Frank McGlynn Sr.
Year released1917
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Intertitle: "The Tyrants of Modern Civilization. Servants --- By Position. Masters -- By Disposition." (0:02)

Susie May Squoggs slaps Gwendolyn’s face. (0:16)

Gwendolyn puts her fist in Mickey Doolan’s face. (0:23)

Intertitle: "Gwen’s father, whose wealth is more apparent than real, is caught in the collapse of the market and faces his life’s crisis." (0:25)

Intertitle: "’Wuxtra’! ‘Wuxtra’! Panic in Wall street...’" (0:26)

Gwendolyn’s father appears to see a vision in which he places the muzzle of a pistol against his head as though preparing to kill himself. (0:28)

Intertitle: Jane telling another servant, referring to Gwen: "Get some more of that sleeping medication and she’ll be no bother ‘til morning." (0:37)

Gwen tells the doctor, "I don’t like doctors. They give little girls horrid medicine..." (0:37)

Intertitle, another servant telling Jane: "... Here’s the dope." (0:39)

Jane gives Gwen medicine from a bottle labeled "Poison." 
Jane makes Gwen take more of the medicine. (0:40)

Intertitle: "The spell of the drowsy drug."
Gwen appears intoxicated. (0:42)

Gwen begins to dream. (0:43)

Intertitle: "The Child’s Mind Wanders. Real voices faintly come and go whilst every character in her actual life is borne into her delirium."
A young man tells Gwen, Intertitle: ”You are in... The Tell-tale Forest of Dreams...” (0:44)

Intertitle: "And then began the frenzied struggle between the doctor and the deadly poison." (0:49)

The doctor injects Gwen’s arm. (0:53)

Graveyard (0:55)

Intertitle: "The hopes of dreamland lure the little soul from the Shadows of Death to the Joys of life." (0:57)

Gwen regains consciousness. (0:58)

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