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The Red Shoes

CastMoira Shearer, Marius Goring, Anton Walbrook, Jean Short, Gordon Littmann, Julia Lang, Bill Shine, Esmond Knight, Robert Helpmann
Year released1948
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An usher tells the theater manager, “They’re going mad, sir. It’s the students.” (0:03)

Irina tells choreographer Grischa, referring to impresario Lermontov, “He is quite crazy enough.” (0:23)

Lermontov tells Grischa, “I am not interested in Boronskaja’s form anymore, nor in the form of any other prima ballerina who’s imbecile enough to get married.” (0:42)

Prima ballerina Irina tells Grischa, “No more hysteria backstage.” (0:44)

Lermontov asks composer/conductor Julian, “Nervous?” (1:02)

Lermontov asks ballerina Victoria, “If I had any doubts about you at all, I should be nervous. Am I nervous?”
”I want you to dance tonight with the same ecstasy I’ve seen in you only once before.” (1:04)

Lermontov tells Julian, referring to Victoria, “Nor is she likely to become one if she allows herself to be sidetracked by idiotic flirtations.” (1:39)

Grischa tells Lermontov, “I tell you Boris, I’ve had enough of this fantastic lunatic asylum!” (1:42)

While Julian watches in horror as Victoria throws herself over a balcony. (2:08)

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