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The Seventh Veil

James Mason, Ann Todd
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Pianist Francesca Cunnigham jumps into the River Thames, apparently trying to kill herself. (0:04)

Psychiatrist (psychoanalyst?) Dr. Larsen: referring to Francesca: "She never attempted suicide before."
Dr. Kendall: ”She does not speak at all.”
Larsen: ”I should like to examine her again tomorrow under hypnosis, rather, if she’s not cooperating, under narcosis.”
”Dr. Kendall, a surgeon doesn’t operate without first taking off the patient’s clothes... that is why I use narcosis. Five minutes under narcosis and down comes the seventh veil... you’ll have the patient ready, please...” (0:04)

Larsen asks a nurse, "Well, how is the patient today?"
”I would like to prepare an injection.”
The nurse injects Francesca’s arm. (0:06)

Francesa tells Larsen, "During that year my father died. My mother had died when I was six. Now my father was dead too." (0:11)

Her cousin Nicholas tells Francesca, "I suppose you’ve got the same sanctimonious disposition."
Francesca: ”I hate cats. They frighten me.” (0:12)

Francesca tells Larsen, referring to Nicholas, "On the rare occasion when he did send for me, I was so nervous I could hardly speak." (0:16)

Nicholas reads a letter from Ms. Duncan to Francesca, "Your intelligence is rather above the average." (0:17)

Francesca tells Larsen, referring to Nicholas, "He knew instinctively how to get the best out of me..."
: ”... I was far too busy finding out how little I knew to worry about Nicholas.” (0:20)

Her musician friend Peter tells Francesca, "Don’t worry." (0:27)

Nicholas asks Francesca, "Are you mad?" (0:29)

After performing, Francesca swoons. (0:45)

Nicholas tells Francesca he wants "... to save you worry..."
”... on Thursday I’ve arranged for you to play for patients of the National Hospital.” (0:47)

Nicholas asks Francesca, "Nervous?" (0:49)

Francesca tells artist Maxwell Leyden,"Last time you were here, you said something that worried me very much."
Max: ”But why should that worry you so much?” (1:03)

Nicholas tells Francesca, "All the love and sympathy I’ve had, I’ve given to you." (1:08)

Francesca tells Max, referring to her burned hands, "I shall never be able to play anymore." (1:12)

The nurse asks Larsen, "Shall I have another injection ready?" (1:13)

Larsen tells the others, referring to Francesca: "... the shock of finding herself in the hospital with her hands bandaged. Now all these things together have produced a fixation barrier in the patient’s subconscious mind, which is now preventing her full recovery.... With music... I’m going to suggest to her the way to conquer this fixation." (1:13)

Larsen tells Max, "... I feel it is my duty to go on treating her."
”Her mind needs treatment.”
Max: ”Treatment. Your treatment is likely to unhinge her mind altogether.”
Larsen: ”Mr. Leyden, are you aware of the responsibility if you prevent me from finishing my treatment?” (1:18)

Larsen tells Nicholas, "The name of my patient is Miss Cunningham. Francesca Cunningham." (1:21)

Nicholas tells Francesca, "It’s no use brooding over the past."
”You’re the most obstinate woman I’ve ever known...” (1:25)

Larsen tells Peter, "I believe you know a patient of mine..." (1:27)