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The Shop on Main Street

Ida Kaminska, Jozef Kroner, Frantisek Zvarík, Hana Slivková, Martin Gregor, Adam Matejka, Mikulas Ladizinsky, Alojz Kramar, Eugen Senaj, Frantisek Papp
Adolf Hitler
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Obchod na korze

Title: "After Hitler occupied Czechoslovakia... the persecution policy was adopted by Tis’ regime." (0:03)

His brother-in-law Markuš Kolkotský, the town commander asks carpenter Antonín "Tóno" Brtko, "You dope, are you drunk?" (0:24)

Heavy drinking (0:25)

Tóno tells his wife Evelína Brtková, "I saw a white butterfly in my dream." (0:28)

Button-store owner Rozália Lautmannová tells Tóno, "You don’t have to worry, young man." (0:32)

Imrich Kuchár tells Rozália, "Don’t worry. There’s nothing to worry about."
Referring to Mr. Lautmann: ”A bullet hit him in the head.” (0:37)

Tóno tells Evelína, "... I said,’You have nothing to worry about, rs. Lautmann.’ and she said, ‘I’ve been dreaming of you...” She’s been dreaming of me. " (0:43)

Tóno tells Rozália, "Don’t worry." (0:50)

Rozália: "Oh, what worries I have... Oh, what worries I have." (1:00)

Barber Mr. Katz tells Tóno, referring to a customer, "He suffered from a nervous tic later on..."
Katz tells town crier Piti-báči, ”You should shave him and his nervous tick.”
Kuchár: ”Don’t worry.” (1:06)

Piti-báči asks Tóno, "Are you out of your mind?" (1:25)

Tóno repeatedly slaps Evelina. (1:27)

Paramilitary guard officer Marian Peter: "I’ll have you arrested, you drunk." (1:31)

Rozália, referring to Tóno: "He’s drunk."
She tells Tóno: ”Don’t you worry.”
Tóno: ”It’s you I am worried about.” (1:32)

Tóno imagines (dreams?) Rozália telling him, "Don’t you worry, my boy." (1:36)

Rozália asks Tóno, "Have you gone mad, to open my shop on a Saturday?"
”You drunkard...”
”You drunkard...” (1:39)

Tóno does more heavy drinking. (1:43)

Paramilitary guard officer, addressing the Jews.: "Don’t panic." (1:46)

Rozália, referring to Tóno, "Have I gone mad, or is he mad? You are drunk since yesterday..."
Tóno: “Don’t worry, Mrs. Lautmannová.” (1:51)

Tóno tells Rozália, "But you don’t have to worry."
Rozália: ”You are mad.” (1:57)

Tóno finds Rozália, apparently dead on the floor (2:00)

Tóno appears to hang himself off camera. (2:02)