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The Shrink Is In

CastCourteney Cox, David Arquette, David James Elliott, Carol Kane, Kimberley Davies, Viola Davis, Jon Polito, Chris Potter
Year released2001
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Is travel writer Samantha experiencing a panic attack? (0:02) 

In a psychotherapy session psychologist Louise Rosenberg tells Samantha: "In our last session we talked about your fear of elevators and enclosed spaces." (0:05)

Forced to ride an elevator, Samantha experiences anxiety. (0:06)

Voice on Samantha's car radio: "It can leave you numb and paranoid." (0:08)

Model Isabelle smokes marijuana with a glass water pipe. Her bank executive boyfriend Michael asks her, "Do you have to get high?" (0:18)

Michael asks Samantha, "Trouble sleeping then?" (0:21)

Magazine salesman Henry reads: "Dr. Louise Rosenberg, psychologist." (0:22)

In another session Samantha tells Louise she thinks Isabelle "is a pothead and maybe -- maybe has a bestiality thing."
Louise's behavior rapidly deteriorates. (0:22)

At the psychiatric hospital psychiatrist Dr. Marc tells Samantha, referring to Louise, "She seems to be suffering from regressive dissociative disorder, but I hesitate to make a definitive diagnosis at this time." (0:24)

On the telephone Samantha tells Louise's patient Mrs. Coleman, "No, I have no intention of telling the whole world you're in therapy." (0:25)

Michael tells Samantha, thinking she is Dr. Rosenberg, "... this is my first time in therapy."
Samantha: "Trouble sleeping."
Michael: "Well, yes, I do have trouble sleeping." (0:26)

Henry tells Samantha, thinking she is Dr. Rosenberg, "I saw you this morning with your patient. It must be very stressful..."
"I'm scared of people."
"Anyway, one day I had this terrible anxiety attack."
Samantha, having exchanged roles with Henry: "For therapy."
Patient Mrs. Dopalla: "Well, to be honest, I do binge."
Samantha: "At least you don't purge." (0:29)

Isabelle's water pipe smashes on the floor. (0:34)

Samantha's art therapist friend Robin asks her, "Are you insane?" (0:34)

In another "session" Michael tells Samantha, "Uh, well, work's been stressful lately."
Samantha asks Michael, "Are there any drugs involved?"
Michael: "Drugs?"
Samantha: "Well, it's no big secret that models do drugs."
Michael: "She smokes pot."
Samantha: "That's just my next patient. Have you ever asked her not to get high?"
"You see, the addict, Isabelle, prizes her marijuana above all else... pot is her true lover." (0:38)

Jumper judge Bob tells Samantha, referring to his new wife, "I can't live without her." (0:40)

Patients in a psychiatric hospital day room, watching the drama unfold on television, chant, "Jump, jump, jump..."
Television reporter: "... the woman you see on your screen is Dr. Louise Rosenberg, a former tennis pro turned psychologist..." (0:42)

In another "session" Samantha asks Henry, "Have you ever tried medication?"
"For depression, anxiety... If... you could just sing away your anxieties and fears..." (0:47)

Samantha tells Robin, "Destiny delivered him to Dr. Rosenberg on the exact day she had a breakdown..." (0:48)

Isabelle asks Michael, "How dare you flush my pot in the toilette!"
"Have you gone mad?"
Michael: "You love your pot more than you love me."
"Pot is your real lover."
"I'm seeing a therapist."
Isabelle: "A therapist?"
Michael: "She's a psychologist." (0:50)

In the psychiatric hospital Louise tells Amanda, "Oh, it can be very stressful listening to other peoples problems all day long."
Nurse: "Time for your medication, Louise."
Samantha: "You surely don't want to risk the chance of a relapse."
Louise appears to talk to a hallucinated cat.
Dr. Marc tells Samantha, "Hallucinations are a common side effect of her medication." (0:51)

Samantha tells Robin, "I know, I know, I slept with a patient." Boundary violation? (0:57)

Henry and his friend John talk about Samantha in the psychiatric hospital day room. (0:59)

With Samantha watching, Henry threatens to jump into the ocean. (1:00)

At the psychiatric hospital Louise tells Samantha, "In your case, I'd say someone who's unavailable, basically narcissistic -- like your father." (1:02)

Michael tells Samantha, referring to Isabelle, "She's insanely jealous."
Samantha, referring to Henry: "He's a patient."
Michael: "The guy's a serious head case if you ask me."
Samantha: "He's not a head case." (1:08)

Samantha appears to suffer a panic attack.
Isabelle: "She was just pretending to be a shrink..."
Louise: "She's my patient."
Samantha swoons. (1:11)

Samantha has another session with Louise. (1:13)

Robin tells Samantha, "Nick and I are in couples therapy." (1:16)

Compare to Mumford and Intimate Strangers.

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