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The Sugarland Express

CastGoldie Hawn, Ben Johnson, Michael Sacks, William Atherton, Gregory Walcott, Steve Kanaly, Louise Latham, Harrison Zanuck, Dean Jones
Year released1974
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Inmate Clovis Michael Poplin asks his beautician wife Lou Jean, "Goin’ shy on me?" (0:05)

Inmate Hubie asks Clovis, "Jesus Christ, have you lost your brains?" (0:10)

Patrolman Maxwell Slide tells Buster Danials, "I think I took you in DWI before."
Buster: ”I never was drunk in my life.”
”I never was drunk in my life.” (0:13)

Slide tells Clovis, "10-96 is your mental subject."
Clovis: ”We ain’t no mental subjects... I ain’t no mental subject.”
”... no need to worry.”
”... I’ll shoot him in the head.” (0:31)

Radio reporter, referring to Lou Jean: "... last week refused to return custody of their son to Mrs. Poplin..." (0:40)

Slide: "Suspicions of marital infidelity are, more often than not, groundless..."
Clovis, referring to Lou Jean’s friends: ”They're just idiots.” (0:41)

Texas Ranger Mark Fenno tells Captain Harlin Tanner, "If it’s the spasm shots you’re worried about, I figure to hit the boy in the brain in the medulla and cut his motors." (0:51)

Tanner, referring to Lou Jean, "... if she’s worried about her baby..." (0:56)

Clovis tells Slide, "You crazy son of a bitch..." (0:58)

By radio, Lou Jean’s father Mr. Sparrow tells Lou Jean, "It’s a good thing your poor mother is not alive to see what has become of you." (1:02)

Lou Jean tells Clovis, "I wish we could get drunk. We always used to get drunk together. You’re fun drunk..." (1:06)

Slide tells Clovis, "You ain’t no mental subject, neither."
Clovis: ”Well, supposin’ i was worried about that...” (1:10)

Clovis: "How about all them crazy kids?” (1:44)

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