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The Testament of Dr. Mabuse

CastRudolf Klein-Rogge, Gustav Diessl, Rudolf Schundler, Otto Wernicke, Wera Liessem, Karl Meixner
Year released1933
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Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse

The Last Will of Dr. Mabuse

By telephone, police detective Hofmeister tells Inspector Lohmann, "... you’ll probably think I’m crazy." 
Lohmann tells his assistant Müller, referring to Hofmeister: ”He must have gone out of his mind from terror.” (0:12)

Professor Baum: "... exposure to fright and horror often triggers insanity."
Referring to Dr. Mabuse: “The patient lived a decidedly double life... he used his profound knowledge of hypnosis to commit crimes... he had gone hopelessly insane... Judging by his incoherent remarks, he had seen... the ghosts of all those he had slain... it was the horror of that experience that overpowered this phenomenal mind, which for so long had straddled the fine line between genius and madness and literally deranged it. Mabuse was committed to an insane asylum... The patient withdrew into his own ego. ” (0:13)

Mabuse’s room in the psychiatric hospital. Baum appears to see a vision
The professor tells his assistant, referring to Mabuse, ”... give him a shot later so he can get some rest.” (0:21)

His colleague Dr. Kamm tells Baum, "Say, I’ve got a crazy idea." 
”Maybe the guy isn’t insane after all.” 
Baum: ”... do you think that, after treating a patient for years, I can’t judge whether he’s really sick or just pretending?” 
Kamm: ”What if Mabuse, with his incredible hypnotic powers, engaged in some kind of telepathic hypnosis from his cell?” (0:30)

Another gangster (Karetzki) tells jewelry expert Nicolai Griforiew, "We buy cocaine with it, morphine, heroin, opium... and instead of making a killing off the dope and fleecing the types who are crazy for the stuff, they practically give it away... pump the world full of dope and not make any money off it?" 
”... stealing poison from drugstores...” 
Griforiew: ”... Let the boss worry about this stuff...” (0:36)

A gangster tells another gangster, referring to the crime boss, "I follow his instructions and drive ten people nearly crazy... only result is they’re driven crazy from fear of a scandal." 
”If a woman throws herself out the window or a fellow blows his brains out... blackmail letters aren’t of much use.” (0:36)

Lohmann composes text for a poster: "All information will be kept confidential..." (0:43)

Müller tells Lohmann, referring to Hofmeister, "... At first they thought he was just another drunk..." (0:44)

Hofmeister appears to hallucinate. (0:45)

A doctor in the asylum tells a policeman, "We’ll have no other choice but to commit the poor devil to an institution." (0:47)

Tom writes a letter to Lilli: "... there’s no other way for me to behave decently towards you." (0:52)

Lohmann tells Müller, "... That’s the mental hospital run by Prof. Baum where they committed a certain Dr. Mabuse." (0:55)

Baum asks Lohmann, "Is your curiosity satisfied now, inspector?" 
Lohmann, referring to Mabuse: ”... an evil criminal who only escaped the gallows by entering an insane asylum, one less insane criminal in the world.” 
Baum: ”... this godless world, devoid of justice and compassion, consisting only of selfishness, cruelty and hatred.” 
Referring to Hofmeister: ”... That man seems to be suffering the effects of some frightful experience that he relives each time someone approaches him... for the good of the patient... refrain from seeing him now.” (0:57)

Baum hallucinates Mabuse talking to him: ”... humanity... has been driven insane by fear and horror...” (1:04)

Tom tells Lilli, referring to prison, "... The last six months commuted for good behavior." 
”Have you taken it upon yourself to rob me of my last shred of sanity?” 
Lilli: ”... he was so decent and compassionate towards you.” (1:11)

Lohmann, referring to Müller: "Clumsy fool." (1:17)

Hitman Hardy: "Shut up, you idiot." 
”You idiots get an apartment with only one exit?” (1:23)

One policeman tells another, "... A bullet can cripple you for life." (1:26)

Hardy tells Griforiew, "Then I’ll let you cowardly swine send me to the slaughter?" (1:27)

Lohmann: "... Daddy’s proud of you." 
Hardy apparently shoots himself off camera. (1:28)

Lohmann asks Hardy’s accomplice Bredow, referring to Hardy, "He shot himself with it, didn’t he." (1:33)

Lohmann asks Müller, "Isn’t Professor Baum’s insane asylum on Gruner Winkel?" 
”... I’m gonna get high as a kite tonight.” (1:36)

Lohmann tells Baum, referring to Kramm, "The poor fellow even visited you on the day of his death." 
Baum: ”I never read newspapers, only medical literature...” (1:41)

Lohmann: "All the evidence leads again and again to that insane asylum." (1:45)

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