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The Tingler

CastVincent Price
Year released1959
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Director William Castle: "... At any time you are conscious of a tingling sensation, you may obtain immediate relief by screaming..." (0:01)

Pathologist Dr. Warren Chapin tells Oliver “Ollie” Higgins, the brother-in-law of the deceased, "Look, please try not to faint..." 
Ollie: ”Oh, I won’t faint.” 
Chapin: ”... fear causes tremendous tensions in the body. If you can’t relieve those tensions, why can’t they become strong enough to kill you?” (0:03)

Theater marquee: "TOL-ABLE DAVID" (0:07, 1:11)

Ollie communicates with his deaf-mute wife Martha Ryerson Higgins using sign language and lip-reading. (0:08)

Martha faints at the sight of blood
Ollie tells Chapin, ”One drop of blood and out she goes.” 
Chapin: ”... she can’t release her fear tensions vocally...” 
Ollie: ”So she faints?” 
Chapin: ”Well, it isn't a faint as we know it. It’s more of a psychosomatic escape.” 
Martha regains consciousness. (0:11)

His assistant Dave Morris tells Chapin, "... I got that prescription for you." 
Chapin: “... this is a very interesting drug.” 
Dave: ”... It can produce pretty weird effects.” 
Chapin, referring to Martha: ”And speaking of weird effects... There’s this deaf-mute... She has a blood trauma... she went into total shock... unable to release her fear tensions.” 
”Well, her husband thinks she faints at the sight of blood... Her unreleased tensions grow so great that she goes into psychosomatic blackout.” (0:17)


Warren sees his wife Isabel kissing another man. (0:20)

Isabel tells Warren, "Don’t tell me you’ve abandoned corpses for peeping out of windows." 
Warren: ”If there was anything honest about your behavior, I might feel differently...” 
Isabel: ”... I think I’ll have a nightcap with amateur psychiatry...” 
Warren, referring to Dave and Isabel’s sister Lucy: ”They’re... wise enough to make a go of a marriage.” 
Isabel: ”... I know a wonderful psychiatrist with a perfectly divine straight jacket, just your size...” 
”You’re crazy...” 
”Let’s stop all this childish behavior...” 
”Have you gone completely out of your mind?” 
Warren: ”Now... either you give Lucy half of all the money you’ve got and leave her alone, or you commit suicide right now.” 
Isabel: ”Suicide?...” 
Isabel faints. (0:21)

Isabel regains consciousness. (0:28)

Lucy: "I’m worried, David..." 
Warren: ”... It isn’t that I’m too intelligent... jump out of a window...” (0:33)

Lucy: "Dave, that drug you brought..." 
Dave: ”It’s not a drug. It’s an acid...” (0:35)

Warren dictates a recording: "Average injection..." 
Warren injects his arm. 
”... Emotionally, I feel nothing abnormal.” 
Experiencing perceptual distortion: ”Emotionally, I begin to feel somewhat apprehensive.” 
Warren loses consciousness. (0:36)

Dave answers Lucy, "... nightmares. You’re wide awake, but you’re having nightmares." 
Lucy: ”That drug may be hurting him.” 
Dave: ”The effect of that acid...” (0:38)

Dave tells Lucy, "A deaf-mute can’t scream." (0:42)

Warren tells Ollie, "... I was a little worried about your wife. A shock like that can have pretty bad after effects..." 
Ollie: ”... I’ve been worried about her too... she can’t sleep...” 
Warren: ”... It may be just a simple case of nerves...” 
”What drugstore do you use?” (0:42)

Warren tells Martha, "I’m going to give you a shot to relax you, and then I’m going to give Ollie a prescription for some barbiturates... sleeping pills..." 
Warren injects Martha’s arm. (0:44)

Warren tells Ollie, referring to Martha, "Well, it’s just nerves. I gave her a shot to relax her." (0:46)

Ollie tells Warren, referring to Martha, "... I brought her here ‘cause you treated her. You gave her that shot..." 
”It couldn’t have been that shot...” 
Warren: ”Ollie your wife is dead...” (0:52)

Isabel tells Warren, "All this time I’ve been jealous of your work. How silly can you get?"
Isabel gives Warren a drink laced with a drug from his laboratory. 
Warren loses consciousness. (1:00)

Warren tells Ollie, "No, you’d start a panic..." (1:11)

Tol’able David shows in the theater. (1:11)

Warren: "... A young lady has fainted..." 
”Ladies and gentlemen, please do not panic...” (1:14)

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