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Luigi Ornaghi, Francesca Moriggi, Omar Brignoli, Antonio Ferrari, Teresa Brescianini, Giuseppe Brignoli
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L'Albero degli zoccoli

An older man asks young Runk, referring to his father Andrea Runk, "The man who died recently?" (0:30)

Priest Don Carlo tells widow Runk, "Don’t worry." (0:54)

Il Finard screams at his son, "You idiot." (1:18)

Woman, referring to traveling sewing goods salesman Friki, "All this talk of monkeys just confuses us so he can cheat us." (1:22)

A father tells his wife, "They got me drunk."
”They got me drunk.”
”So what if I’m drunk.” (1:29)

Mother: "I have a son who wets the bed every morning." (1:37)

Batistina tells her husband Batisti, "Don’t worry about that." (1:43)

Batistina shouts, "The horse has gone mad."
Woman, referring to a man: ”He’s lost his mind.” (2:10)

Man: "Just be patient." (2:16)