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The Untouchables

CastKevin Costner, Charles Martin Smith, Andy García, Robert De Niro, Sean Connery
Year released1987
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A gangster tells the bartender, "Don’t worry about it, pops..." (0:05)

Newspaper headline: "TEN-YEAR-OLD GIRL SLAIN" (0:07)

A reporter asks U.S. Treasury Department Special Agent Eliot Ness, "What do you think about Prohibition, Mr. Ness."
Ness: ”I’ll tell you exactly how I feel about Prohibition.” (0:08)

Ness asks a policeman officer Preseuski, "You nervous?" (0:11)

Ness: "You're under arrest for violations of the Volstead Act." (0:14)

Mrs. Blackmer tells Ness, "It was my little girl that got killed by that bomb." (0:22)

Policeman James Malone tells Ness, "Well, the lord hates a coward." (0:29)

Al Capone: "A man become preeminent, he’s expected to have enthusiasms."
Capone kills a guest by striking his head with a baseball bat. (0:37)

Oscar Wallace strikes a man’s head with the butt of his shotgun. (0:56)

Malone punches henchman George in the face. (1:00)

Ness discovers Oscar’s lifeless body. (1:07)

Ness punches a henchman in the face. (1:08)

Ness tells Agent Giuseppe "George Stone" Petri and Malone, "He says he won’t make a fool out of himself..." (1:10)

A henchman tells Capone’s bookkeeper Walter Payne, "Al says we gotta get out of town until we can fix this subpoena thing." (1:13)

Police Chief Mike Dorsett tells Malone, “Get out of the rain, you fool.
"Are you crazy? You’re crazy."
”You’re... nuts, man. You’re... out of your mind.”
Malone punches Dorsett in the face. (1:14)

Ness reacts to the death of Malone. (1:25)

Payne: "He’s crazy..." (1:35)

Capone punches his lawyer in the face. (1:50)

Reporter Scoop tells Ness, "They say they’re gonna repeal prohibition..." (1:55)

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