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The Watermelon Woman

CastCheryl Dunye, Guinevere Turner, Valarie Walker, Lisa Marie Bronson, Cheryl Clarke, Irene Dunye, Brian Freeman, Camille Paglia, Sarah Schulman
Year released1996
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Filmmaker Cheryl: "... I was just totally shocked by that..." (0:05)

Cheryl, referring to her mother: "She’s a collector of sorts... She never throws anything away."
Cheryl tells her mother, ”This is for the video, so don’t worry.”
Her mother tells Cheryl, referring to Butterfly McQueen, ”She was in Gone With the Wind.” (0:14)

Customer Diana Roilan asks Cheryl, "Cleopatra Jones, Jason’s Lyric, or Personal Best?"
Cheryl: ”... Cleopatra Jones is really fun. Why don’t you do Cleopatra Jones and Carrie?”
”I know, but Carrie. I hate Sissy Spacek. She’s all weird and pale and thin and anorexic in this movie.”
Cheryl: ”... there’s always sci-fi like Aliens... Repulsion with Cathryn Deneuve. She goes nuts in her apartment one night.”
Diana: ”So, I’m getting Repulsion and Cleopatra Jones.” (0:17)

Lee Edwards shows Cheryl movie posters for "... Juke Joint... Dark Manhattan... The Bull-Dogger..." (0:23)

Title screens: "Sunday Sinners; Tall, Tan, and Terrific" (0:26)

Cheryl tells Tamara, "I’m into dating women with mental health right now." (0:35)

Diana tells Cheryl, "... things were kind of crazy." (0:39)

Cheryl: "... between the vision and the madness..." (0:42)

Cheryl: "I’m still in shock over the whole having sex with Diana thing." (0:43)

Cultural critic Prof. Camille Paglia: "... Hattie McDaniel’s brilliant performance in Gone With the Wind... a large woman is a symbol of abundance and fertility... Hattie McDaniels in Gone With the Wind is the spitting image of my grandmother... Why is that not instead a symbol of joy...If the watermelon symbolizes African-American culture, rightly so... look what white, middle class feminism stands for: anorexia and bulimia."
”... Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner...” (0:45)

Cheryl tells Tamara, handing her a joint, "I guess it’s time for plan J." (0:48)

Diana tells Tamara, "Let me have a hit." (0:48)

Diana: "I needed a mental health break..."
Tamara: ”... Cheryl likes her women to have that mental health thing going on.”
Stacey tells Tamar, ”Well, I like my women a little crazy like you, darling.” (0:49)

Tamara asks Cheryl, "You gonna smoke that joint, Bogart?"
”Damn, man, that’s a good roach.”
”I guess this stuff going on with Stacey’s got me a little bit stressed.”
”... she’s gone frigid on me...”
Cheryl: ”... might just be stressed out...” (0:53)

Annie tells Cheryl, "I went there when I went to that rave last weekend."
”Don’t worry about it, Cheryl.”
”Nah, don’t worry about it, Bob.” (0:55)

M. J. tells Cheryl, "We received a very generous gift from the Hysteria Foundation..."
”... I’m in recovery and everything...”
”This is confidential.”
”I told you this was confidential.” (0:58)

Cheryl asks Diana, "What is that, The Sound of Music?"
Diana: ”No, silly, it’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” (1:04)

A policeman tells his partner, referring to Cheryl, "Looks like one of our crackhead friends."
Policeman: ”... you look like one, you little crackhead freak.” (1:06)

A customer asks Tamara, "Do you have New York, New York?" (1:10)

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