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The Wedding Date

CastDebra Messing, Dermot Mulroney, Amy Adams, Jack Davenport, Sarah Parish, Jeremy Sheffield, Peter Egan, Holland Taylor, Jolyon James, C. Gerod Harris
Year released2005
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Escort Nick Mercer: "I know you’re nervous, Kat... stop worrying..." (0:02)

Customer service representative Kat Ellis tells Nick, "Work must be crazy."
”You know those families where everyone’s out of their mind...?” (0:08)

Kat tells Nick, "I was insane to let you go." (0:11)

Kat tells Nick, "What a nightmare."
”You’re a therapist... and you’re crazy about me.” (0:12)

Kat tells her cousin TJ, referring to Nick, "He’s a therapist." (0:17)

Nick answers Kat’s ex-fiance Jeffrey, "Shrink"
Jeffrey: ”Well, you Yanks and your therapy...” (0:19)

Nick tells Kat, referring to Jeffrey, "He seems a little drunk, but I think he’s still crazy about you." (0:21)

Kat tells Nick, "... I’m a little nervous."
Nick, referring to his mother: ”She was insanely inappropriate with me.”
Kat: ”Do you think I want to be hung-up on some guy...?” (0:24)

Nick tells Kat, "... stop worrying..." (0:32)

TJ tells Kat, "God, I am so depressed." (0:35)

Kat tells her bartender friend Woody, referring to her half-sister Amy, "She’s drunk." (0:37)

Picnicer: "... it just makes me nervous." (0:52)

Amy asks Nick, "Do you believe a place has a memory?... God, I hope it doesn’t remember everything." (0:54)

Kat’s step-father Victor Ellis tells Nick, "You think... that you’re gonna worry about them less." (0:56)

Jeffrey tells Kat, "... it was absolutely mad..." (1:00)

Kat tells Amy, "Oh, and don’t worry..." (1:05)

Victor tells Kat, "Ever since you were a little kid, you’ve always worried about what other people think." (1:09)

Church graveyard (1:11)

Nick tells Edward, "The hardest thing is loving someone, and then having the courage to let them love you back." (1:14)

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