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The Whales of August

Bette Davis, Lillian Gish, Vincent Price, Ann Sothern, Harry Carey Jr., Frank Grimes, Margaret Ladd, Tisha Sterling, Mary Steenburgen, Frank Pitkin, Mike Bush
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Elizabeth Mae “LIbby” Logan-Strong tells her sister Sarah Louise Logan-Webber, "I don’t forget things..." (0:11)

Letitia “Tisha” Benson-Doughty tells Nicholas Maranov, referring to his friend Hilda, "It’s a wicked shame, her passin’ so sudden." (0:19)

Libby: "Sarah, do you realize that we are both older now than mother was when she died?" (0:22)

Tisha tells Sarah, referring to Libby, "Senility is what’s happenin’." (0:26)

Tisha tells Sarah and Libby, "Hilda Partridge passed away yesterday..." (0:36)

Sarah tells Libby, referring to Sarah’s husband, "Phillip had been dead for over a year." (0:47)

Nicholas tells Sarah and Libby, "When we received the news that the dowager Empress had died, we all went into deep mourning." (1:03)

Nicholas tells Sarah, "I was following an instinct of many years when your very astute sister recognized it." (1:06)

Sarah tells Libby, "You were dreaming, dear." (1:13)

Libby tells Sarah, "It was a bad dream." (1:16)