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The Wizard of Oz (1939)

CastJudy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr, Jack Haley, Billie Burke, Margaret Hamilton, Charley Grapewin, Clara Blandick
Year released1939
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The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy falls unconscious on her bed after the wind blows a broken window frame against her head. (0:17)

Glinda the Good Witch of the North tells young farm girl Dorothy, “Well, I’m a little muddled.” (0:21)

The Cowardly Lion tells the others, “I haven’t slept in weeks.”
Referring to sheep: ”That doesn’t do any good. I'm afraid of ‘em.” (0:51)

The Wicked Witch of the West: “Poppies, poppies, poppies will put them to sleep.”
Dorothy, Toto and the Cowardly Lion fall asleep as they run through a field of poppies. (0:54)

When the Wizard of Oz asks Cowardly Lion what he wants from him, Cowardly Lion faints.” (1:11)

Cowardly Lion jumps through a window. (1:12)

The Wizard of Oz tells Cowardly Lion, “As for you my fine friend, you’re a victim of disorganized thinking. You are under the unfortunate delusion that simply because you run away from danger, you have no courage. You’re confusing courage with wisdom.” (1:30)

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