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The Woman in the Window

Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, Raymond Massey, Edmund Breon, Dan Duryea, Thomas E. Jackson, Dorothy Peterson, Arthur Loft, Frank Dawson
Rita Hayworth
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Sign "Some Psychological Aspects of Homicide" (0:01)

Psychology professor Richard Wanley lectures: "The biblical injunction 'Thou shalt not kill.' is one that requires qualification in view of our broader knowledge of impulses behind homicide. The various legal categories, such as first and second degree murder, various degrees of homicide, manslaughter are civilized recognitiona of impulses of various degrees of culpability..." (0:01)

Richard tells his wife, "Don’t you worry about it." (0:02)

Dr. Michael Barkstane tells Richard, referring to a portrait, "... we’ve decided she’s our dream girl..." (0:03)

District Attorney Frank Lalor tells Richard and Michael, "... casual impulse..."
Michael: ”Maybe Donna can dig up Rita Hayworth for you.”
Richard tells Frank, ”Oh, stop worrying...”
”... I’m onto something idiotic...” (0:05)

Frank Howard slugs Richard. (0:16)

Richard tells Alice Reed, "... even if I’m longer than that, don’t worry. Don’t get panicky..." (0:24)

Frank tells Richard and Michael, "Confidential for the moment."
Michael, referring to Claude Mazard: ”He was a patient of mine for a while.”
Referring to Frank: ”He’s an uncanny instinct for things like that.” (0:41)

Richard asks Frank, "Did you ever see such selfishness?" (0:48)

Michael tells Richard, referring to a drug, "... will pep you up considerably..."
Michael answers Frank: ”Prescription for Richard.”
Frank: ”I suppose there’s no telling how many of your patients you’ve disposed of in that way.”
Referring to Mazard: ”Pretty nervous man in romance...”
”... in a panic, they loaded the body into a car...” (0:50)

Homicide Inspector Jackson answers Richard: "Patience." (0:58)

By telephone, Alice reads from a newspaper article, “Dr. George Felix Reynolds... yesterday announced the promotion of Dr. Richard Wanley to the head of the Department of Psychology."
”I’m not worrying now.” (1:02)

Alice asks ex-cop Heidt, "Are you nuts?" (1:10)

A pharmacist tells Richard, "The same doses." (1:14)

Richard tells Alice, referring to Heidt and the drug, "... you needn’t worry about him seeing it..."
Richard: ”... It takes effect in 20 or 25 minutes.” (1:17)

Heidt tells Alice, "You’re not still worried, are you?"
Alice: ”You’re crazy.” (1:25)

Richard pours powder into a glass of water. Suicide? (1:31)

Was it all a dream?