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Thelma and Louise

CastSusan Sarandon, Geena Davis
Year released1991
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By telephone waitress Louise tells her homemaker friend Thelma, referring to Thelma’s husband Darryl, “Tell him I’m having a nervous breakdown.”
Thelma: ”He always thinks you’re out of your mind.” (0:03)

Thelma answers Louise: “In case there’s some escaped psycho killer on the loose who cuts the electricity off...” (0:07)

Thelma tells Louise she brought the gun in case of “Psycho killers or bears or snakes.” (0:08)

Thelma tells Louise, “You’re making me nervous.”
Referring to Louise’s lover Jimmy, ”He’ll freak out...” (0:14)

Louise tells Thelma, “Now is not the time to panic. If we panic now, we’re done for.” (0:25)

Police Det. Hal Slocumb tells waitress Lena, “Well, you’re not exactly an expert witness...” (0:27)

Louise tells Thelma, “... every time we get in trouble you just get blank or, or, or plead insanity...” (0:35)

By telephone her retail manager husband Darryl asks Thelma, “Have you lost your mind?” (0:38)

Drifter J.D., after Thelma trips over him: “Crazy.”
Thelma tells J.D., referring to Louise, “She’s a little bit uptight.” (0:39)

L.D. tells Thelma, “This is crazy.”
”I’m the great and powerful Oz.” (0:56)

Louise tells Thelma, “... you seem like you’re crazy or you’re on drugs.”
Thelma: ”Well, I’m not on drugs, but I might be crazy.” (1:07)

Darryl tells Slocumb, “I’m about as close as I can be to a nutcase like that.” (1:12)

Louise asks Thelma, “What’re ya gonna do, just stay drunk all day?” (1:17)

J.D. asks Slocumb, referring to Darryl, “Who’s the nut?” (1:21)

Thelma tells Louise, “Now I know it’s crazy, I just feel like I’ve got a knack for this shit.” (1:41)

Truck driver Earl tells Thelma and Louise, “You women are crazy.” (1:51)

Cyclist smoking a blunt (1:54)

Thelma tells Louise, “I guess I went a little crazy, huh?”
Louise: ”No, you’ve always been crazy.” (2:00)

Hand in hand, Thelma and Louise drive over a cliff to certain death. (2:05)

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