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CastAudrey Tautou, Gilles Lellouche, Anaïs Demoustier, Catherine Arditi, Isabelle Sadoyan, Francis Perrin, Jean-Claude Calon, Max Morel, Françoise Goubert, Stanley Weber
Year released2012
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Landowner Bernard tells his wife Thérèse, “I nearly fainted. It’s crazy.” (0:17)

Bernard reads to Thérèse a letter from his mother, referring to his sister Anne: “She’s gone crazy.” (0:18)

Thérèse asks Bernard, “You want some valerian?” (0:37)

Thérèse tells Anne's lover Jean, referring to Anne, “She’s mad about you.” (0:39)

Jean quotes a book by Gide to Thérèse: “Let every emotion become an intoxication to you. If what you eat fails to intoxicate, you’re not hungry enough.” (0:40)

Thérèse composes a letter to Jean: “Perhaps with the distance you consider me dull, an idiot who is held back by false complications and attitudes... an idiot.” (0:46)

Bernard tells Thérèse, “You were right not to get agitated.” (0:59)

The specialist tells the family doctor, “These forged prescriptions, this lack of feeling...” (1:05)

Her father Monsieur Larroque tells Thérèse, referring to the pharmacist, “Pedemay is suing you for forged prescriptions.” (1:07)

Thérèse: “He asked me to get his prescription...”
Monsieur Larroque: ”A forged prescription.” (1:11)

The judge asks Thérèse: “Why did you accept his prescription?” (1:12)

Lawyer Duros: “Tell your husband he mustn't be afraid to say you told him of this stranger's prescription." (1:13)

Bernard tells the judge, “My wife mentioned the prescription that night.”
”I must’ve got the dose wrong.” (1:15)

Monsieur Larroque asks Thérèse, “Are you completely insane?” (1:18)

Maid Balionte tells Thérèse her Aunt Clara has died. Memorial service. (1:26)

Bernard tells Thérèse, “They think you’re sick, weak or depressed...” (1:27)

His mother asks Bernard, referring to Thérèse, “You really think she‘s fainted?” (1:37)

Describe the interlocking triangles illustrated in this story. Is there a stepfamily triangle involving Thérèse, Bernard and Bernard's family? Would the relationship triangle between Bernard, Anne and Jean constitute an affair triangle? What about the potential such triangle between Bernard, Thérèse, and Jean, and between Thérèse, Jean and Anne?

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