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These Three

Miriam Hopkins, Merle Oberon, Joel McCrea
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Martha Dobie tells beekeeper Dr. Joseph Cardin, "We were just a little worried about you."
Martha’s friend Karen Wright: ”No, that isn’t quite what we were worrying about.” (0:08)

Karen, now a teacher, tells Joe, "Put me down, you idiot."
”You let me go, you idiot.” (0:22)

Karen tells Joe, "You’re awfully grouchy." (0:24)

Student Mary Tilford pretends to suffer a heart attack. (0:36)

Her Aunt Lily Mortar tells Martha, "Don’t worry about me."
Joe tells Martha, referring to Mary, ”I could have managed a more convincing faint when I was six years old.” (0:41)

Mary: "I fainted, didn’t I?"
Student Rosalie Wells: ”I wish I could faint sometimes.” (0:43)

Mary tells student Evelyn, "Taxi, idiot." (0:45)

Maid Agatha tells Mary, "A good dose of rhubarb and soda will fix you up." (0:49)

Mary tells her grandmother Amelia, "I fainted today."
Amelia: ”Fainted?”
Mary tells Amelia, referring to Martha, ”... she was so mad... she took Rosie’s arm and hurt it bad.” (0:49)

By telephone, Amelia tells Mrs. Mung, "I have something to tell you, something very shocking, I’m afraid." (0:57)

Martha tells Karen and Joe, "We’re being kicked around like crazy people." (0:59)

Joe tells Martha, referring to Lily, "Don’t let her worry you this time." (1:16)

Would you diagnose Mary with Conduct Disorder? What kind of treatment would you propose?