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They Died with Their Boots On

Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Arthur Kennedy,Charley Grapewin, Gene Lockhart, Anthony Quinn, Stanley Ridges, John Litel, Walter Hampden, Sydney Greenstreet, Regis Toomey, Hattie McDaniel, George P. Huntley Jr., Frank Wilcox, Joseph Sawyer, Minor Watson
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Maj. Romulus Taipe tells plebe George Custer, “You can tell me from what lunatic asylum you escaped.”
”And you’re an imbecile.”
”I'm recommending you for a mental examination.” (0:07)

Taipe, referring to Custer: “Sergeant, put this maniac under arrest.” (0:08)

Army officer: ”Get water, you idiots.” (0:26)

Landlord Bacon: “Be quiet, you drunken riff raff.”
”... bringing disgrace on it with your drunken behavior. ”
Custer: “Drunken?”
”And if he wants to get drunk while he's on leave, what business is it of yours?” (0:39)

Custer: I’ll have you know, gentlemen, I'm in no mood for humor.” (0:54)

Taipe tells Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott, referring to Custer, “Instead of trying to hold his ground the mad fool is attacking.” (1:00)

Scott tells Bacon’s daughter, now Custer’s wife, Libby, “It’s like a drug, that tension.” (1:12)

Maid Callie, referring to Custer: “The man's plumb crazy.” (1:14)

Shipping line owner William tells his son, former soldier and Custer nemesis Ned, “My boy, we are here because the company's facing bankruptcy on account of this idiotic treaty with the Sioux.” (1:35)

William toasts, “Well, to the sober 7th cavalry.” (1:39)

The bartender tells Ned, “Custer's liable to go loco about this.” (1:41)

Taipe tells Custer: “If your men are drunken sots, that's your responsibility...” (1:42 )

Gen. Sheridan asks Custer, “And let you commit suicide?” (1:48)

The bartender tells Custer, “I'm going bughouse in this joint.” (1:51)

Libby tells Custer, “ Every parting has it’s own fears and anxieties.” She faints. (2:00)