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Thi Mai

CastCarmen Machi, Adriana Ozores, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón
Year released2017
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Elvira tells her boss, "Don’t worry..." (0:01)

By telephone, Elvira tells her friend Rosa, "... today we’re getting drunk..." (0:03)

Elvira’s friend Carmen learns of the death of her daughter Maria. (0:05)

Funeral at cemetery (0:06)

Elvira tells Rosa’s husband, "... Don’t worry." (0:07)

Adoption agency worker Pilar tells Carmen, "No, don’t worry..." (0:12)

Clerk: "No, don’t worry." 
Elvira: ”You’re nuts, Carmen.” (0:15)

Carmen tells Elvira, referring to Rosa, "She took three sedatives and a brandy."
”I only took some valerian.” 
Elvira, referring to Rosa: ”She is totally high.” (0:17)

Elvira tells actor Andrés"... Mary Poppins over there is Rosa." 
Elvira: ”You can smell the uptight from miles away.” (0:20)

Carmen tells Dan, referring to Maria, "Because she died in a car accident..." (0:21)

Elvira: "I really need to quit smoking." (0:27)

Manuel tells his wife Elena, "You're making me very anxious." (0:28)

By telephone, Rosa asks Iñigo, "What do you mean crazy?" (0:31)

Andrés accidentally strikes the helmsman in the face. (0:38)

By telephone, Carmen tells Javier, "Our girl’s dead." 
”What have you done since Maria died?” (0:40)

Carmen asks Elvira, "Crazy?" (0:43)

Andrés tells the police, "... Hitting Jose Carlos...." (0:45)

Dan tells Elvira and Rosa, "I’m worried about Hanoi, not you." (0:47)

One of the ladies: "This is nuts." (0:56)

Elvira: "What you have is a hangover, Rosa." (1:01)

Dan tells Carmen, "This is nuts." 
”It’s even more nuts.” (1:03)

Rosa tells the others, "We knew it was insane." 
Carmen tells Andrés, ”Don’t worry.” (1:10)

Javier tells the priest, "You buried my daughter..." (1:13)

Dan tells Elvira, "It’s been just a year since my grandpa died..." (1:18)

Andrés tells Rosa, referring to the croupier, "He’s like Fifty Shades of Gray guy...." (1:19)

Dan reads a letter written by Maria: "I’m 26 with... a dream to start a family." (1:21)

Rosa tells Elvira, "He’s a selfish pig." (1:22)

Carmen tells Andrés, "You were too depressed over Maria’s death." (1:24)

A tells the adoption official, "... Maria is gone now." 
”I already lost my wife...” (1:27)

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