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Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead

CastAndy Garcia, Christopher Lloyd, William Forsythe, Bill Nunn, Treat Williams, Jack Warden, Steve Buscemi, Fairuza Balk, Gabrielle Anwar, Christopher Walken
Year released1995
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Bernard Tosnia attacks a young girl in a schoolyard. (0:01)

Bernard’s crime boss father Jimmy "The Saint" Tosnia tells prospective customers, "Stevie’s father passed away..." (0:05)

Jimmy tells Dagney, "... I just have one simple, impulsive question..."
Dagney: ”I have memorized his phone number... he’s crazy about me.” (0:09)

The Man With The Plan tells Jimmy, ".... some kind of support group thing.. I spend all my time with these two ... morons and village idiot son..."
Referring to his son Bernard: ”He’s crazy as a shit house rat...”
”... his behavior is worse... My intelligence tells me...” (0:13)

Jimmy asks prostitute Lucinda, "Clean?"
Jimmy: ”Better stay clean.”
His friend Francis "Big Bear Franchise" Chiser tells Jimmy, ”Needle track city, man ” (0:22)

Their friend Olden “Pieces” Polymeros tells Jimmy and Franchise, "... diagnosed it as a circulatory problem..."
Olden: ”... diagnose my malady...” (0:23)

Franchise asks Bill "Critical Bill" Dolittle, "You still crazy, man? ‘Cause you still crazy, I say you stay here, and you beat up on all your old friends, ‘cause we don't need you, Bill, if you’re crazy." (0:26)

Jimmy tells the others, referring to Bernard, "... we’re playing cupid to an overweight... child-molesting..." (0:27)

Bill tells Jimmy, "The prison shrinks told me..." (0:30)

Dagney tells Jimmy, "I’m getting some pretty heavy Lady and the Tramp vibes." (0:31)

Elderly woman on video: "Oh, the insanity... heart sick insanity..." (0:35)

Billy slams the driver’s head against his van. (0:40)

Earl "Easy Wind" Denton tells Billy, "You crazy bitch."
”You crazy bitch...” (0:43)

Undertaker Boris tells Jimmy, "The bereaved family never has a clue..." (0:43)

Pall bearers with coffin in cemetery (0:48)

Franchise: "Ever since The Man With The Plan got shot, the security around him has been insane." (0:49)

Earl tells Jimmy: "He’s bug... crazy..."
”They’re all bug... crazy...” (0:52)

Lucinda, with a bruised face, tells Jimmy, referring to regular, "... he alley-whipped me..."
Jimmy slams the man’s head against the desk. (1:03)

Jimmy tells short order clerk Malt, referring to Franchise, "The guy had a wife, a kid and a mistress." (1:06)

Jimmy tells Bernard, "Be patient."
”Just be patient.” (1:07)

Billy tells Jimmy, "Keeps you alert..."
Referring to Easy Wind: ”When he started roundin’ me on that ‘fecal freak’ stuff...”
”... it don’t make me no fecal freak...” (1:26)

Jimmy tells The Man With the Plan, "You crippled..."
Man: ”They round up eight crackhead niggers who gang-rape her if they want to pipe up...” (1:34)

Joe: "Assassinos locos." (1:41)

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