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This Gun for Hire

CastVeronica Lake, Robert Preston, Laird Cregar, Alan Ladd, Tully Marshall, Marc Lawrence, Olin Howlin
Year released1942
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Hitman Philip Raven smacks the maid in the face. (0:03)

Blackmailing chemist Albert Baker tells Raven, "Don’t worry..."
”... especially the little prescription..” (0:04)

Senator Burnett asks magician Ellen Graham, "Worried about the boyfriend?" (0:18)

The maid tells police detective Lt. Michael Crane, "... he hits me, right in the face."
”Don’t worry.” (0:23)

Tommy tells Willard Gates, "Don’t worry, boss..." (0:32)

Raven jumps through a window. (0:34)

Chemical company owner Brewster tells Gates, "You’re a bungling idiot, Gates."
Brewster: ”Apparently you want to commit suicide.”
Brewster: ”You’re a fool.” (0:35)

The shopkeeper faints. (0:41)

Crane tells Brewster, "Now don’t worry..."
Brewster: ”But I do worry, Lieutenant...”
Collins: ”The man’s a maniac.” (0:41)

A waitress tells Crane, "That girl’s so nuts about you..." (0:44)

Tommy tells Gates, "... a suicide."
”Don’t worry...” (0:45)

Raven strikes Tommy in the face. (0:48)

Raven tells Ellen, "A prescription he called it." (1:01)

Raven tells Ellen, "... I’d only dream. Every night I dream. I read somewhere about a kind of a doctor, a psycho-something. If you tell your dream, you don’t have to dream it anymore.
”... I dream about a woman. She used to beat me... My old man was hanged. My mother died right after that... my aunt. She beat me from the time I was three... One day... she hit me with a red hot flat iron, smashed my wrist with it... They shoved me in a reform school, and they beat me there too..." (1:04)

Gates asks Raven, thinking he’s Tommy, "Don’t you realize that maniac could have walked right in there?" (1:15)

Brewster: "You’ve just committed suicide, Gates." (1:17)

Reference in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

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