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Enraged Thor upends a banquet table. (0:12)

Loki tells his brother, referring to his plans, "It's madness."
Thor: "Madness? What sort of madness?" (0:13)

Political science student Darcy tells Thor, "Yeah, we can tell you're hammered." (0:30)

In an emergency room a doctor injects Thor with an unidentified drug. Rapid tranquilization? (0:32)

Thor restrained in hospital bed. (0:34)

Darcy tells researcher Jane, "You know, for a crazy homeless person he's pretty cut."
(0:36) Professor Erik tells Jane, referring to Thor, "He's delusional." (0:44)

Jane tells Thor, "God, I hope you're not crazy." (0:52)

Erik tells agent Coulson, "Steroids. He's a bit of a fitness nut." (1:05)

Erik tells Thor, "I don't know if you're delusional..." (1:07)

Jane tells Thor, "I come up here... when Darcy's driving me crazy." (1:13)

Warrior Volstagg tells his friends, "Do not mistake my appetite for apathy."
"To hell with treason. It's suicide." (1:15)

Jane, thinking Thor has died, grieves. (1:27)

Thor: "Loki, this is madness."
Loki: "Is it madness?" (1:36)

Warrior Sif: "He mourns for his brother." (1:43)