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Thoroughly Modern Millie

Julie Andrews, James Fox, Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Channing, John Gavin, Beatrice Lillie, Jack Soo, Pat Morita, Philip Ahn, Anthony Dexter, Cavada Humphrey
Mary Tyler Moore | chloral hydrate | ether
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House mother Mrs. Meers pours a general anesthetic on a captive woman. Ether? Chloral hydrate? (0:16)

Meers laces Dorothy’s punch with powder. (0:24)

Meers injects a drug into an apple. (0:38)

Muzzy Van Hossmere tells stenographer Millie, ”Unfortunately, I enjoyed his friendship for a brief but very ecstatic period.” (1:00)

Muzzy, referring to Millie: “Could be she has a hangover, Miss Dorothy.” (1:13)

Meers falls unconscious after exposure to her spray. (1:14)

Millie tells her boss Trevor, referring to Rudolph Valentino, “I mean, in The Sheik, he takes Agnes Ayres by brute force.”
Trevor, referring to young women: “Now they are disillusioned.” (1:23)

Millie tells her office equipment salesman friend Jimmy, “You crazy kid, get in here.”
Jimmy: “What in the world, you crazy kid?” (1:45)

Jimmy tells Millie, “Those roses are doped.” (1:56)

Jimmy cross-dressed as Mary James (1:58)

Meers drugs Trevor with a dart. (2:00)

A neighbor tells Millie, “Dickie’s... got some instincts of a gentleman.” (2:03)

Millie reads a note from Jimmy: “I am going to pretend to be doped...” (1:04)

Dorothy, by telephone: “Operator, you have obviously never been in a Chinese opium den.” (2:13)

Millie tells Dorothy, referring to Jimmy, “Oh, I do hope he won’t be an addict. I mean, with all that dope and everything.”
”It didn’t hurt Sleeping Beauty or Snow White.” (2:15)

Reference in Connie and Carla