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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, John Hawkes, Peter Dinklage, Abbie Cornish, Caleb Landry Jones, Kathryn Newton, Lucas Hedges
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Advertising clerk Red Welby asks gift shop clerk Mildred, “You wanna pay for three billboards on a road that no one goes down unless they got lost or they’re retards...?” (0:04)

Police officer Jason Dixon asks desk Sgt. Cedrick Connolly, “What are you, an idiot?”
Connolly: ”Don’t call me an idiot, Dixon.”
Dixon: “I didn’t call you an idiot, I asked if you was an idiot.” (0:11)

Welby asks Dixon, “You drunk? Are you drunk right now?”
Dixon: “Nobody ever goes down that road anyways, unless... they’re retards.” (0:12)

A television reporter tells the cameraman, “Well don’t be nervous...”
Mildred: “My daughter Angela was abducted, raped and murdered seven months ago...” (0:12)

Her son Robbie tells Mildred, “I’m depressed enough...” (0:33)

Mildred tells her daughter Angela, “... because you’ve been smoking pot all day.”
Angela: “You drove drunk with us in the car when we were kids.”
”Did you or did you not drive drunk with us in the car when we were kids?” (0:34)

Robbie’s father Charlie asks Robbie, referring to Mildred, “Where’s the crazy lady?” (0:36)

Charlie’s girlfriend Penelope tells the others, “... they were looking for people down at the horse rides for the disableds...” (0:38)

Dixon tells Mildred her coworker Denis has been charged with possession of “Two marijuana cigarettes.”
”I asked the judge not to give her bail on account of her previous marijuana violations...” (0:42)

His assistant Pamela tells Red, “I know you were real anxious about talking to Mrs. Hayes this morning.”
Red: “Anxious?”
Pamela: “Ain’t life crazy?” (0:47)

Sheriff Willoughby shoots himself in the head. (0:52)

Willoughby’s suicide note to his wife Anne, “... I am not going out of it alone because you were there, drunk on the couch...” (0:53)

Connolly asks Dixon, “You ain’t gonna faint again, are you? (0:56)

Television news anchor “Reports, sadly, have come in overnight, that Chief William Willoughby... took his own life early this morning...” (0:58)

Willoughby’s wife Anne tells Mildred, referring to a letter, “My husband left this for you before he shot himself in the head last night.”
”It’s hard to know what to do the day your husband kills himself.” (1:06)

Mildred tells the reporter, “This doesn’t put an end to shit, you... retard.” (1:15)

Dixon reads a letter from Willoughby: “No one’ll think you’re gay, and if they do, arrest them for homophobia.” (1:19)

A nurse tells Welby, referring to Dixon, “He’s pretty heavily sedated.” (1:23)

A bar patron tells his buddy, “I think I was certifiably... insane for a while back there.” (1:29)

Charlie tells Mildred, “I was pretty drunk, but it still don’t excuse it.” (1:33)

James tells Mildred, “I know I’m a dwarf who... has a drinking problem...” (1:35)