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Three Men and a Cradle

Roland Giraud, Michel Boujenah, Andre Dussolier, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Dominique Lavanant, Marthe Villalonga, Annick Alane, Josine Comellas, Gwendoline Mourlet, Jennifer Moret, Francois Domange
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A pharmacist tells architect Pierre, “It depends on your pediatrician’s prescription.” (0:0:9)

Cartoonist Michel tells his roommate Pierre, referring to baby Marie,“She’s hysterical, this kid.”
Pierre: ”You’re nuts.” (0:14)

Pierre reads, “In order to avoid stress and fatigue, normal diet.” (0:22)

Pierre tells Michel, “This is the package they came for, not the kid, you moron!”
Michel: “Who’s a moron?” (0:26)

Pierre tells Michel, referring to the package “It’s dope... and then it’s our lives for their junk.” (0:30)

Pierre asks Michel, “You crazy?”
Michel: “If you leave me alone with the cops I’ll crack.” (0:35)

Pierre tells Michel, referring to the detectives, “We can’t serve the dope to them on a platter.” (0:36)

Michel tells the drug dealer, “We never tried to cross you, moron, but we’re being shadowed.” (0:43)

Detective: “What an idiot.”
Policeman: “Are you off your rocker?” (0:46)

Jacques asks MIchel and PIerre, “Are you nuts?”
Pierre: “We had to juggle the cops, the dealers, and the kid. If Michel hadn't hidden the dope in the diaper, we’d be locked up! We nearly freaked out pulling it over the cops.”
Jacques: “Dope?” (0:50)

Jacques asks his flight attendant friend Paul, “And their only solution was heroin Pampers!”
Paul: “What are you talking about heroin Pampers?” (0:53)

Nurse Rapons tells Pierre, “Sometimes I give a sedative.”
Pierre: “I knew it, you cretin!”
Rapons: “I have unlimited patience with children, but I’m not qualified to take care of lunatics.” (1:02)

Jacques asks Michel and Pierre, “Go to a social worker?”
Pierre: “Then it’s the social worker, not us.” (1:03)

His date, referring to Jacques: “This guy’s completely nuts.” (1:10)

Jacques date tells him, “But I’m drunk.” (1:13)

Pierre: “In the kingdom of the jerk the cretins are one-eyed.” (1:16)

Another guest tells Michel, “Clotilde’s plastered.”
Jacque, referring to Nathalie, “She’s a head case.” (1:17)

Jacques tells Marie’s fashion model mother Sylvia, “Really, it’s been crazy for the last six months.” (1:22)

The cop asks Jacques, “The dope was in the diaper, wasn’t it?” (1:30)

Pierre tells Jacques, “You’ll be in a horrible mood. Jet lag ruins you now.” (1:33)

Sylvia tells Michel, “I’m freaking out.”
”My schedule is crazy.”
”I’m gonna crack.” (1:39)