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Throne of Blood

CastToshirô Mifune, Isuzu Yamada, Minoru Chiaki, Akira Kubo, Takamaru Sasaki, Hiroshi Tachikawa, Takashi Shimura, Chieko Naniwa, Kokuten Kodo, Kichijiro Ueda, Eiko Miyoshi
Year released1957
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General Taketoki Washizu tells General Yoshiteru Miki, referring to the horses, "... they’re out of their wits." (0:12)

Miki tells Washizu, "I’m drowsy..."
Washizu: ”I can’t help but feel this is already a dream. Our encounter with that spirit may well have been a dream.”
Miki: ”They say dreams manifest our basest desires. In truth, who would not dream of ruling over a vanquished castle?” (0:23)

Washizu tells Lady Asaji Washizu, "I dreamt an evil dream..."
Asaji: ”Do not call your dream preposterous. Any man who takes bow in hand would dream of such a fate.”
”... remain here and patiently wait for our Great Lord to slay you...” (0:28)

Lord Kunihharu Tsuzuki tells Washizu, "Inui’s behavior is untenable."
Tsuzuki tells Washizu and Miki, ”I elevate you in recognition of your courage.” (0:34)

A caretaker answers a guard: "The place where the former Lord, Fujimaki, took his life." (0:37)

A caretaker tells his coworker, "This is coward’s blood." (0:38)

Asaji tells Washizu, referring to the guards, "We’ll quench their thirst with a sleeping potion mixed in sake. As his guards dream, you shall slay the Great Lord..." (0:40) Washizu leads a procession bearing the Great Lord’s coffin (0:56)

Miki tells Washizu, referring to the Great Lord’s lady, "She has taken her life." (1:00)

Miki yells at a horse trainer: "Fool."
Trainer: ”His loyal horse went mad today.” (1:06)

Miki tells his son Yoshiaki, "... Washizu’s wish to name you heir is neither dream nor illusion..." (1:07)

Asaji, referring to Washizu: "Lately he is often this way when he has had too much to drink. No doubt his predecessor’s violent death tears at his heart."
Washizu: ”I’m terribly drunk.”
Asaji, referring to Washizu: ”His confusion will subside with the liquor.” (1:11)

A man tells the others, "Two commanders, whom the Great Lord doubted, forced to take their lives."
Another man: ”Only a fool would side with his father’s foe.” (1:18)

Washizu screams: "Fool!.. Fool." (1:21)

Washizu: "Cowards... What need for the advice of cowards...?" (1:23)

Washizu, referring to his troops: "Cowards." (1:30)

Washizu: "Commanders of cowardice, who quake and pale..." (1:37)

Asaji, washing her hands: "It won’t come out, that awful bloodstain." (1:39)

Washizu asks his soldiers, "Fools, why this confusion as victory approaches?"
”A madman’s delusion...” (1:41)

Washizu: "Cowards, I see it now..." (1:44)

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