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Thunder Road (2018)

Jim Cummings, Kendal Farr, Jocelyn DeBoer, Nican Robinson
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Memorial service
Woman: "We would like to thank everyone for coming out to celebrate the life of Brenda Amelia Arnaud."
Brenda's son Jim: ”I'm a dyslexic.” (0:00)

A mentally ill man calls cops Jim and Jim’s partner Nate, “Idiot!”
Jim tells the captain, ”It's a simple drunk and disorderly, sir.”
”Don't worry about that bullshit. (0:14)

Box labeled "Nicotine Gum" (0:18)

Jim tells his daughter Crystal, "I was hoping we could go downstairs, order a pizza, and watch The Fast and the Furious."
”Don't worry about that.” (0:26)

Jim tells Crystal, "Honey, you're not nervous about going to school, are you?" (0:30)

By telephone, Jim tells his wife Roz, "This says you're asking for sole custody." (0:35)

Jim tells Nate, referring to a suspect, "He's drunk."
Nate, by radio: ”He’s got a self-inflicted knife wound.” (0:43)

His attorney Donna asks Jim, "Any verbal abuse, and a trauma...?"
”Okay, and we are arguing for joint custody. You don't want to fight for sole custody?” (0:52)

Donna tells Judge McCarthy, "Your honor, Mrs. Arnaud, ... Is asking for... complete custody of the couple's daughter Crystal..."
Jim tells the judge, ”I'd like to continue joint custody with my wife...” (0:53)

His colleague Jerry tells Jim, "You're drunk."
Jim: ”I'm not drunk.”
”I was selfish.” (0:59)

Jim tells Nate, referring to a telephone conversation, "... And she was drunk, or at least I think she was drunk..." (1:07)

Jim visits his mother’s grave at the cemetery. (1:16)

Jim tells a police officer, "I'm sober. I'm sober. I'm sober." (1:18)

Jim finds Roz dead of a drug overdose. (1:21)