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'Til There Was You

CastJeanne Tripplehorn, Dylan McDermott, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, Ken Olin, Michael Tucker, Craig Bierko, Alice Drummond, Nina Foch, Karen Allen, Christine Ebersole
Year released1997
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Beebee smacks Saul Moss in the face. (0:01)

Nurse Betty Dawkan tells her singer husband Vince, "You’re living in a dream world." (0:02)

Robin tells Betty and Vince’s son Nick Dawkan, "By pursuing architecture you’re merely constructing this symbolic wall..."
”... to witness your own father trampled to death in a fox hunt...” (0:10)

Her lover tells Gwen Moss, "You know this whole... mythology you cling to is just a kind of addiction..." (0:11)

Radio reporter: "... arrested today for possession of cocaine... drug dependency..." (0:14)

Gwen tells Nick, "You idiot..." (0:16)

Bob tells Gwen, referring to smoking, "I basically quit..." (0:20)

Former child star Francesca Lanfield tells Nick, "... you must be so... proud..." (0:27)

Gwen strikes her head on a steel I-beam. (0:30)

By telephone, Someone tells"Nick, I’m in total shock." (0:32)

Francesca asks Nick, "Like insanity?"
”You’d prefer the, like, dream of some future piano.... I was full time at crystal meth university. God, I love methamphetamines...” (0:33)

Gwen tells her father Saul, referring to Bob, "He was somewhat obsessed with his last girlfriend..."
Saul: ”I had a date with a girl I was just nuts about...” (0:38)

Gwen tells teacher Kevin Helper, "... or we have to... slit our throats and slowly bleed to death." (0:44)

Her surgeon friend Debbie tells Gwen, "Shrinks don’t fight."
Gwen: ”No, just a drug addict for a while.”
”It’s a nightmare...” (0:47)

Actress Harriet, referring to the neighbors, "One of them passed away recently..." (1:03)

Gwen tells guitarist neighbor Gawayne, "I’m completely blocked." (1:07)

Nick tells Francesca, "I am so behind on the schematic, it’s insane."
Nick, referring to his father: ”He’s just a drunk.”
I don’t speak to him.” (1:08)

Gwen bangs her head on a piece of sculpture. (1:15)

Councilman Jon Haas tells Gwen, "I’m too self-centered and obsessed with my career." (1:15)

Nick tells Francesca, "Like it’s my dream..." (1:16)

Francesca tells the others, "I have a really short attention span...”
The others finish Francesca’s sentence: ”... emotionally unavailable."
Francesca: ”Like his emotions require voicemail”
Other woman: ”Well, I won’t phone a man who’s not in therapy...”
Gwen: ”Well then he’s crazy. He is an idiot... you are beautiful and intelligent...”
”Just get him into therapy.”
Francesca: ”The guy you’re seeing, is he in therapy?” (1:19)

His boss Timo tells Nick, "You’re beginning to sound like this crazy preservationist."
Nick: ”She is not crazy.” (1:23)

His coworker tells Nick, "Don't worry so much..." (1:27)

Nick reacts to the news of the death of Harriet. (1:34)

Francesca tells Nick, "You’re self-destructive. You make self-destructive choices." (1:38)

His coworker Angenelle tells Nick, "I quit smoking." (1:41)

Blackboard: "Nicotine Anonymous meets here..." (1:43)

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