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Mel Gibson, Piper Laurie, Alwyn Kurts, Pat Evison, Peter Gwynne, Deborah Kennedy, Michael Caulfield, Margo Lee, James Condon
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His father Ron tells laborer Tim Melville, "If you drink fast like that, you’ll get pissed." (0:07)

Tim tells Mary Horton, "No worries." (0:11)

Mary tells Tim, "Oh, please, don’t worry about finishing today." (0:18)

Ron tells Tim’s mother, referring to their daughter Dawnie’s engagement, "It came as a bit of a shock to me..." (0:39)

Mary tells Tim, referring to her parents, "They died a long time ago." (0:46)

Dawnie tells her fiance Mick Harrington’s mother Vivian, referring to Tim, "He’s only a year younger than me, but he’s simple."
Vivian: ”Simple?” (0:49)

On television, John, apparently an expert on intellectual disability, says, "... I got drafted into a school for mentally retarded youngsters." (0:58)

John asks Mary, referring to Tim, "Any speech abnormality, any physical deformity?" (1:00)

Tim and Ron find Emily unconscious.
Ron tells Emily, ”Don’t worry.” (1:02)

Dawnie: "Tim, don’t worry about Mum." (1:07)

The doctor tells Ron, referring to Emily, "She’s gone, mate." (1:08)

Ron tells the others, "She’s gone." (1:09)

Burial of Emily (1:19)

Ron tells Mary, referring to Tim, "He cried a lot for his mum." (1:23)

Mary tells John, "That’s crazy."
”John, that really is crazy.” (1:33)

Minister: "Love is... never selfish..." (1:35)

By telephone, a neighbor tells Mary Ron has died. (1:43)

Burial of Ron (1:44)