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The Time Traveler's Wife

CastRachel McAdams, Eric Bana, Arliss Howard, Ron Livingston, Stephen Tobolowsky, Jane McLean, Brooklynn Proulx, Alex Ferris, Michelle Nolden, Tatum McCann, Hailey McCann
Year released2009
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Artist Clare tells Librarian Henry, “Well, you told me that Dr. Kendrick said that you should stop drinking because it makes you travel.” (0:09)

Young Clare: “Mark, you idiot.” (0:14)

Clare’s roommate Charisse tells Charisse’s boyfriend Gomez, “She’s codependent like the rest of us.” (0:21)

Henry, referring to a man he just beat up: “Goddamn homophobe.”
Gomez: “Oh my God, you are out of your mind.”
Henry: “Knowing stuff in advance makes you crazy.” (0:23)

Gomez tells Clare, “But just presuming for a second that we’re not all out of our frickin’ minds...” (0:26)

Henry tells his violinist father Richard, “I don’t drink anymore.”
Referring to Henry’s deceased singer mother Annette: “I still miss her.”
Henry: “So do I.” (0:31)

Henry tells Gomez, “I’ve got to take a Valium.”
Gomez: “Valium?” (0:38)

Henry tells Clare, “Even got drunk trying to trigger it.” (0:49)

Clare tells Henry, “There’s gotta be some kind of drug you can take.” (0:55)

Clare tells Henry, “I lost the baby.” (0:58)

Geneticist Dr. Kendrick tells Clare and Henry, “Now there are drugs for epilepsy we can use, but all of these drugs are way too strong for a fetus...” (1:00)

Clare tells Henry, “I mean, if stress is what’s causing the traveling...” (1:12)

Alba at age 5 plays with older Alba. (1:19)

Clare asks Henry and Gomez, “You guys crazy?” (1:30)

All grieve after Henry dies. (1:34)

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