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Together Together

Ed Helms, Patti Harrison, Tig Notaro, Julio Torres, Anna Konkle, Timm Sharp, Nora Dunn, Sufe Bradshaw, Evan Jonigkeit, Rosalind Chao, Fred Melamed, Jo Firestone, Tucker Smallwood, Terri Hoyos, Lucy Kaminsky, Ayla Rose Barreau, David Chattam, Ellen Dubin
Woody Allen | hormone
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Software developer Matt tells the others, "Crazy nervous, but also insanely excited." (0:06)

Matt tells coffee shop worker Anna, the surrogate mother of his child, "I am a little nervous."
Anna: ”I’m nervous, too.”
”... I meant I’m nervous about making conversation.”
”... I’m a lot less nervous...”
Matt: ”I just was worried when you ordered potatoes.” (0:08)

Session with counselor Madeline (0:11)

Matt tells Anna, "I went to couples therapy once before with my ex." (0:14)

Session with Madeline (0:23)

Matt reads the description of a book to Anna: "The deeper meaning behind colors and the subconscious hold they have on a developing mind." (0:27)

Support group (0:30)

Matt tells Anna, referring to Friends, "It is The Godfather of television shows, and I mean that as in the movie Godfather... What the movie Godfather is to movies..." (0:31)

Anna’s sister’s law student friend Carly answers Anna, referring to law school: "So crazy."
”Allie is going to freak out when I tell her I ran into you.” (0:38)

Anna’s coworker Jules tells her, "... if you’re like me, you end up getting drunk and..."
Matt, referring to pregnancy tea: ”I’m, like, totally hooked on it.” (0:42)

Matt tells Anna and ultrasound technician Jean, referring to the baby’s gender, "... I’ll be so nervous that I’ll blurt it out." (0:45)

Anna tells Matt, "I think you’ve watched too many Woody Allen movies."
Matt: ”Annie Hall
Anna: ”Annie Hall... a parade of aging neurotics, quenching their fear of death...”
”Then he made Manhattan...” (0:53)

Anna asks Jules, "Are you worried that your next partner’s going to be bothered by that?"
Jules: ”Also, I’m really worried that you’re probably making a little straight white guy in there.” (0:57)

Anna tells Matt, "Hormones, probably."
matt: ”Oh, what would we do without hormones...?”
Anna: ”You’d probably invent hormones...” (0:59)

Matt tells Anna, "I’m like craving a pizza right now. I think I’m having a sympathy craving."
Anna: ”I think that we should have better boundaries.” (1:03)

Support group (1:07)

Session with Madeline: Matt tells Madeline, "Very nervous... nervous, but good nervous." (1:18)