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Tom Jones

CastAlbert Finney, Susannah York, Hugh Griffith, Edith Evans, Joan Greenwood, Diane Cilento, George Devine, David Tomlinson, Rosalind Atkinson, Angela Baddeley, Avis Bunnage, Julian Glover, Joyce Redman, Peter Bull, Lynn Redgrave, Michael Brennan, Patsy Rowlands, George A. Cooper, Mark Dignam, Freda Jackson, Rachel Kempson, Rosalind Knight, Jack MacGowran, Wilfrid Lawson, John Osborne
Year released1963
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Church graveyard (0:16)

Blifil tells foundling Tom Jones, “My mother is dead.” (0:36)

Burial of Bridget Blifil (0:37)

Squire Allworthy tells his nephew Blifil, “Do not grieve my dear nephew. Do not grieve.” (0:38)

His tutor Thwackum tells Tom, “You have good reason for your drunkenness, you beggarly bastard.”
Blifil tells Tom, ”This house is in mourning on account of the death of my dear mother.”
”... I’m grieved by their loss.” (0:40)

Molly tells Tom, referring to his wine, “It’s very potent.” (0:43)

Sophie tells, “I will not marry that idiot.” (0:52)

Narrator: “... the forces of sobriety were gathering in all their strength against our hero.” (0:56)

Thwackum, referring to Tom: “He was... whistle drunk...” (0:57)

Sophie faints. (1:23)

Tom insufflates snuff. (1:39)

Lord Fellamar insufflates snuff. (1:42)

Lady Bellaston asks Tom, “Am I neglected, slighted for a country girl, for an idiot?” (1:43)

Lady Bellaston tells Sophie, referring to Lord Fellamar, “You would be mad to refuse him.”
“Then I will most certainly be mad.”(1:46)

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