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Toni Erdmann

Peter Simonischek, Sandra Hüller, Michael Wittenborn, Thomas Loibl, Trystan Pütter, Hadewych Minis, Lucy Russell, Ingrid Bisu, Vlad Ivanov, Victoria Cocias
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Piano teacher Winfried Conradi tells a delivery man, "No, don’t worry." (0:03)

His business consultant daughter Ines Conradi tells Winfried, "A bit of stress." (0:15)

Her friend Tatjana tells Ines, "I'm freaking out with these Chinese wannabe investors." (0:29)

CEO Henneberg tells the others, referring to Ines, "Ms. Conradi knows all the insights." (0:31)

By telephone, Ines tells someone, "It's crazy. It's crazy." (0:42)

Ines tells Winfried, "Even if I wanted to jump out the window, you and the cheese grater wouldn't be the combination to stop me." (0:47)

Her friend Tatjana answers Ines, referring to the Chinese, "Well, after 30 minutes they were drunk..."
Ines’ friend Steph asks Winfried, now disguised as Toni Erdmann, ”So who is this, your crazy dentist?” (1:03)

Ines asks “Toni,” "Are you insane?" (1:16)

Tim and Tatjan snort cocaine. Ines offers some to Toni. After he declines, Ines snorts, then Toni rubs some on his gums. (1:30)

Ines asks Winfried, "Man, have you gone insane?"
Winfried: ”Ms. Schnuck, I have to arrest you because of drugs.” (1:38)

Gerald: "This is nuts." (2:20)

Funeral for Winfried’s mother (2:28)

Winfried tells Ines, "Irma’s crazy..." (2:32)