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Too Late Blues

Bobby Darin, Stella Stevens, Everett Chambers, Nick Dennis, Vince Edwards, Seymour Cassel
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Bartender Reno tells singer Jess, referring to jazz pianist Ghost, “He’s always got some crazy drink.”
Ghost: “May they one day wake up and found out it’s a crazy mixed up world.”
”I’m gonna get stiff on that creme de menthe...” (0:23)

Saxophonist Charlie asks Bass player Red: “What’re you, crazy?”
Drummer Shelley: ”What’re you out of your head or what?” (0:36)

Ghost tells Jess, referring to Charlie“He’s a nut.”
Pool player Tommy tells pool player Skipper, “She’s nutty looking.” (0:49)

Tommy asks agent Benny, referring to Ghost, “What is he, one of them dope fiends?””
I hear they give parties that go on all day and all night, a lot of drinkin’, takin’ dope... bad things like that.”
Tommy tells Ghost, “Yeah, but I ain’t a dope fiend...”(0:55)

Charlie tells Ghost, referring to Jess, “So she said she’d kill herself...” (1:28)

Jess: “You’re real crazy, Ghost.”
Ghost: “I’m a panic then.”Jess breaks a mirror and prepares to kill herself with a shard of glass. (1:33)