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Too Young To Die?

Brad Pitt, Juliette Lewis, Michael Tucker, Alan Fudge, Michael O'Keefe, Laurie O'Brien, Yvette Heyden, Tom Everett
heroin-cocaine | amphetamine
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Amanda’s step-father Harvey rapes her. (0:05)

Billy slips a drug into Amanda's mouth. (0:25)

Billy gives Amanda a package of drugs." (0:53)

Black capsules on a table. Black beauties? (0:54)

Billy draws up a syringe. He tells Amanda, "Speedball" while taking a tourniquet off of his arm and applying it to Amanda's. He injects her arm. (0:57)

Amanda tells her defense attorney Buddy, "I was on so many drugs..." (1:06)

Buddy exhorts the jury, "By the time she was fourteen she had been raped repeatedly by her step-father... tossed on the doorstep of a strip joint, where men like Billy Canton filled her with drugs..." (1:24)

Too Young to Die