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Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Lange, Teri Garr, Dabney Coleman, Charles Durning, Bill Murray, Sydney Pollack, George Gaynes, Geena Davis
Seconal | Valium | diazepam | secobarbital
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Actor Michael tells his playwright roommate Jeff, "What's wrong with me is it's very depressing to be disagreed with."
Jeff: "Depression."
Michael: "How does one not be depressed?" (0:06)

An actor party girl asks Michael, "Why are you so wired?" (0:09)

Jeff tells a party girl, "I did a thing about suicides and the American Indian..." (0:10)

Michael's actor friend Sandy asks Michael, "Do you have any Seconal?"
"The fares are really insane now anyway."
"I just cry like this, like a tic."
"Well I'm playing rage. I'm enraged... I'm playing rage."
Michael: "This is rage?" (0:12)

His agent George tells Michael to "Get some therapy." (0:20)

Michael impersonates Dorothy. (0:20)

George tells Michael, "God, I begged you to get some therapy."
"You are psychotic!" (0:26)

Michael tells Jeff, referring to Sandy, "She gets suicidal at her birthday party." (0:30)

Director Ron, instructing his cast, refers to "delirium."
"This is a man who stood by you after Ted's breakdown."
He tells actor John to ask Julie, "Nurse Charles! Are you insane?"
John (as Dr. Brewster): "Nurse Charles, are you insane?"
Nurse Charles pretends to swoon.
Dorothy (as hospital administrator Emily): "Nurse Charles, tend to your patient, and faint on your own time!" (0:35)

A fan asks actor April, "Did you give Melanie an overdose on purpose?" (0:43)

Julie tells Michael, "When you grow up like I did... you have few illusions." (0:51)

A bedridden patient tells Dorothy (as Emily), "Well I can't afford therapy, Miss Kimberly."
Dorothy: "Therapy. Who said anything about therapy?"
"May I say... in order to get therapy..." (0:55)

A partier mentions "analysts." (0:59)

Casket on set. (1:03)

Michael tells Sandy, "I just want to be real careful and not get up too soon, or else I'll have another relapse." (1:04)

Jeff asks Michael, "Can you take that many Valium?" (1:18)

A man in the camera crew swoons. (1:45)

There's no sign that Michael might suffer from Gender Identity Disorder. He clearly impersonates a woman, but not for any sexual purpose, so does this really qualify as cross-dressing?