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Top Hat

CastFred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Edward Everett Horton, Erik Rhodes, Eric Blore, Helen Broderick, Lucille Ball, Leonard Mudie, Donald Meek, Florence Roberts, Edgar Norton
Year released1935
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Empresario Horace tells entertainer Jerry, referring to men at the door, “Oh dear, some more of these plural personalities.” (0:34)

Horace tells Jerry, referring to the first act, “Everybody’s crazy about it.” (0:39)

Dale: “Madge, you shock me.” (0:48)

Horace tells Jerry, “... First it’s a maniac... I give you my word, if anything else happens, I’ll go insane.” (1:13)

By telephone Horace’s wife Madge tells Dale, “I think I’m going to faint.” (1:18)

Horace, referring to dress designer Alberto: “Madge, explain to this maniac that he's making a very serious mistake.” (1:24)

Madge tells Dale and Jerry, “Listen, you two idiots, Alberto's as mad as a drunken Toreador.” (1:36)

Reference in Being the RicardosThe Purple Rose of Cairo

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