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John Barrymore, Myrna Loy
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Baroness Hortense de La Tour-La Tour tells her husband Baron Philippe de La Tour-La Tour, "I’ve been almost out of my mind waiting for you."
Referring to their dog Ma: ”He’s nervous.”
”You’ll drive me mad with your levity.”
Their son Charleagne: ”Well, I’m not the idiot that old Professor Topaze is.” (0:03)

Professor Auguste A. Topaze: "Mr. La Tour-La Tour, I choose to think that idiotic reply was not a weak attempt at humoor, but a definite lack of intelligence."
”This dishonest man would be troubled by the disapproval of his own conscience and so worried night and day... ”
”So, you were foolish enough to mistake... my patience for blindness...”
”Gentlemen, do not be unduly depressed by this painful incident.” (0:15)

Dr. Steg asks Topaze, referring to Charlemagne, "Do you want me and the baroness to believe that this descendant of an illustrious line of statesmen and heroes is an idiot?"
Topaze tells the baroness: ”You see, I don’t consider you son an idiot...”
Topaze: ”He confuses himself by playing music... That is what I call a passive state.”
”Madame, my sympathies are entirely with the capitalists.” (0:20)

Philippe tells Dr. Bomb, "In other words, you’re not an honest man, but a nervous one." (0:26)

"Philippe tells his mistress Coco, What I want is an idiot... or a complete idiot."
Coco: ”But idiots are hard to find...”
Philippe: ”Let us pray, darling, that providence sends us an idiot.” (0:28)

Topaze tells Coco and Philippe, ”... I’m a little confused." (0:29)

Topaze tells Coco, "I sympathize with you..."
Coco: ”You’re really out of your head.”
”Yes, you’re insane, completely insane.” (0:42)

Philippe tells Topaze, "You seem a trifle nervous, Monsieur." (0:45)

Topaze tells Philippe, referring to the film he saw with Coco, "It was entitled Women of Passion." (0:46)

Philippe tells Dr. Bomb, "Bomb, you’re drunk."
Topaze: ”Is he mad?” (0:47)

Philippe tells Henri de Fairville, referring to Topaze, "He’s drunk." (0:58)

Philippe tells Henri, referring to Topaze, "The man has delusions of grandeur."
Henri: ”Gentlemen, patience.” (1:03)

Topaze: ”My dear Coco, in a crisis, one omits a bow or two.”
Coco: ”You are in a crisis?”
”I’d love to share a crisis with you.” (1:04) Coco asks Topaze, ”Is this the crisis?”
Philippe: ”What are you raving about?” (1:06)

Theater marquee: "Man, Woman and Sin" (1:17)