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Melina Mercouri, Peter Ustinov, Maximilian Schell, Robert Morley, Jess Hahn, Gilles Ségal, Akim Tamiroff, Titos Vandis, Ege Ernart, Senih Orkan
heroin | marijuana
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Walter Harper tells a man in a car, "A gun is one thing; intelligence is another. Since I'm more afraid of intelligence..." (0:07)

An official asks Arthur Simon Simpson, referring to smoke grenades, ”Are they for your accomplices near the grandstand, to create confusion?”
Arthur: ”I don’t like heights, sir. I get very dizzy, honestly#.” (0:28)

Hans Fisher asks Walter, "Why don't you get rid of that drunken cook? He makes me crazy." (0:36)

Elizabeth Lipp tells the others, referring to acrobat Giulio, "He doesn't need speech, that boy." (0:38)

Elizabeth asks Arthur, "Did they find my heroin and marijuana?" (0:39)

Elizabeth asks Walter, "Do you mind that I am a nymphomaniac?" (0:45)

Major Ali Tufan tells Arthur, "I don't think you're an idiot."
Arthur: ”Said she was a nymphomaniac.” (0:48)

Hans tells cook Gerven, "Get to bed, you drunken pig."
Walter tells Hans, ”Don't be such an idiot.” (0:55)

Elizabeth tells the others, referring to Hans, "So close, so close, and then this idiot." (0:57)

Arthur tells the others, "I don't like heights. I get dizzy." (1:03)

Walter tells Arthur, "Don't worry." (1:11)

Walter: "Nothing to worry about, Simpson."
Arthur: ”I'm nervous.” (1:12)

Arthur panics at the height. (1:25, 1:27)