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Topper Returns

CastJoan Blondell, Roland Young, Carole Landis, Billie Burke, Dennis O'Keefe, Patsy Kelly, H.B. Warner, Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson , George Zucco, Donald MacBride
Year released1941
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His wife Clara tells banker Cosmo Topper, “If that's the way you feel about it, I'll talk to you in the morning, when you're sober.” (0:24)

Wealthy Henry Carrington tells the others, “Mr. Topper is evidently suffering from hallucinations.”
Dr. Jeris tells Topper, ”Schizophrenia.”
Topper: ” Schizophrenia nothing.”
”... if I don't get out of here very soon, I'll lose my mind.”
Carrington’s daughter Ann: ”Mr. Topper, Gail's disappearance has me worried.” (0:34)

Cab driver Bob asks Ann, referring to Gail, “What is she, a sleepwalker?”
Ann: ”Just nervous, I guess.”
Bob: ”Nervous?”
Ann faints when she sees a man preparing to stab her.
Housekeeper Lillian, referring to Ann: ”She’s fainted.” (0:37)

Cab driver Bob tells police Sergeant Roberts, referring to Ann, “She's nervous and upset.”
Roberts tells Lillian, ”Now look here, Rebecca, quit stalling.” (0:48)

Roberts, referring to Topper: “Is he ice box crazy?”
Jeris: ”He's suffering from hallucinations.”
Roberts: ”Oh, a love triangle.” (0:51)

Gail sells Topper, “Don't be nervous.” (0:57)

Ann faints when she sees Gail's body. (1:04)

Carrington tells Roberts, referring to Ann, “She's terribly nervous.” (1:06)

Roberts tells two uniformed police officers, referring to Topper, “That guy's as nutty as a candy bar. Send for a straight jacket.” (1:09)

Clara tells Roberts, “I'm so nervous I could scream.” (1:11)

Topper tells Roberts, referring to the murderer, “When he found out, he was panicky. You see, doctor, I did not have hallucinations...”
Jeris: ”The man is mad.”
Carrington: ”Sergeant Roberts, it's been a pleasure to do business with a man of your intelligence.” (1:19)

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