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Torch Song Trilogy

Matthew Broderick, Anne Bancroft, Harvey Fierstein, Brian Kerwin, Karen Young
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Cemetery. (0:00)

His mother finds young Arnold in her closet dressed in women’s clothes and applying lipstick. (0:01)

Arnold: ‘You know a shrink acquaintance of mine...” (0:02)

Arnold cross-dressing for a female impersonator performance.
Arnold: “You know there are easier things in this life than being a drag queen.” (0:04)

Female impersonators perform on stage. (0:07)

Arnold tells teacher Ed, “I’m a female impersonator.”
“I’m a female impersonator.” (0:17)

Arnold and other female impersonators perform at the club. (0:18, 0:21, 0:34, 0:41, 0:49)

Ed tells Arnold, “You really are crazy.” (0:28)

Ed describes a dream of suicide to Arnold: “I dreamt I was at my parents house, and, okay, I got a rag, and I soaked it in turpentine, put it inside a plastic bag and put the bag over my head... And there on the pillow is, you know, the plastic bag with the turpentine soaked rag.”
Arnold: “Maybe a shrink.” (0:37)

Model Alan faints. (0:45)

Arnold learns his father has died. Funeral. (0:56)

Arnold tells Ed’s girlfriend Laurel by telephone, “I’m a drag queen, not a mind reader.” (0:59)

Laurel: “So Arnold Ed tells me you’re a transsexual?”
Ed: ”Transvestite.”
Arnold: “Look, actually I’m just a drag queen.” (1:02)

Laurel tells Arnold, “I could use some caffeine.” (1:09)

Arnold tells Ed, “David’s social worker will be coming on Thursday, so could you stay somewhere else?.... “
Ed: “Oh, I’m good enough for your mother, but I’m not good enough for David’s social worker?” (1:22)

Arnold holds a picture of his deceased partner Alan. (1:25)

Arnold tells Ed, “I was crazy then. Alan had just died.”
Senility set in sometime after.” (1:27)

Arnold’s “Ma” tells him, “Frankly Arnold you’ve done a lot of crazy things.”
Arnold: “My adopting David is not a crazy thing.”
Arnold and Ma visit the grave of Arnold’s father Jacob in the cemetery, and next to it Alan’s grave.
Arnold: “I’m talking about the loss.”
”Mama, I lost someone I loved very much.”
Ma: “You’re going to tell me you were mourning?” (1:32)

Ma tells Arnold, “The whole world has gone completely insane...”
“But no, you’re obsessed with it.”
”Stop already. You’re talking crazy.”
Arnold: “You want to know what’s crazy?... This is crazy.” (1:40)

Ed asks Arnold, “Why did you get drunk?”
Arnold: ”I am uptight...” (1:44)

Arnold tells Ma, referring to Alan, “I miss him.” (1:51)