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Bridget Fonda, Christopher Walken, Skeet Ulrich, Tom Arnold, Gina Gershon, Paul Mazursky, Lolita Davidovich, Janeane Garofalo, Breckin Meyer, Anthony Zerbe, Mason Adams, Conchata Ferrell, John Doe
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Con artist Bill tells Elwin, “You smash something or somebody, you end up in jail or back at the rehab center.”
”Instead of getting drunker than you are, why don’t you clean up this mess?” (0:03)

Sign: “Los Angeles Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center.” (0:06, 1:05)

Father Donohue tells Bill, “Elwin’s problem, he knows he’s an alcoholic. He just hasn’t hit bottom hard enough to feel it.” (0:07)

Bill tells music promoter Lynn, “Also, there’s the anonymous part of Alcoholics Anonymous to deal with.”
”Act hung over.”
Lynn: ”Well, so how do I get in, pretend I’m an alcoholic?”
”You want me to go in there smashed?” (0:12)

Juvenal tells Lynn, “You’re not an alcoholic.”
Gray Army leader August asks Juvenal, “Helping drunks?” (0:17)

Healer Juvenal tells Lynn, “They usually don’t talk that much about drinking or DT’s unless a new resident’s asking questions.”
”I can hear better if anyone freaks out.” (0:21)

Lynn tells Bill, “I just got out of an alcohol treatment center.” (0:29)

Juvenal tells Lynn, “I mean, it could be psycho-physiological. You know, when we’re sad we cry. We get mad there’s a physical reaction. You know, if my mind’s causing it, then it’s psychosomatic.”
Lynn: “No, I dried out...” (0:39)

August reads a newspaper. Headline: “Stigmata: A Psychiatrist’s Appraisal”
He tells his assistant Greg, ”It’s that alcoholic priest down there... ‘he’s got stuff to do, for the church, not for a bunch of stinkin’ drunks!’” (0:48)

Talk show host Debra tells Bill, “Bring on... maybe a psychiatrist...”
Bill suggests, “... why don’t you leave the psychiatrist out of it?”
”Why don’t you talk to... the psychiatrist...“ (0:52)

Juvenal tells Lynn, “I was drunk... About being drunk, during that period after I walked out of the order... I was drunk most of the time for three weeks.”
Lynn: ”I can’t imagine you being drunk.” (0:57)

Bill tells August, “It’s something I learned at AA. It’s a shortened version of the Serenity Prayer.” (1:20)