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Touch of Evil

Charlton Heston, Orson Welles, Janet Leigh, Marlene Dietrich, Akim Tamiroff, Joseph Calleia, Joanna Moore, Ray Collins, Dennis Weaver, Victor Millan, Zsa Zsa Gabor
heroin | marijuana | meperidine | Demerol | thiopental
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A border officer asks officer Jim, “Hot on the trail of another dope ring?” (0:03)

“Isn’t that dope trial coming up?” (0:05)

His wife Susie tells narcotics detective Mike, “The craziest thing...” happened to her. (0:13)

Police sergeant Pete tells Susie, referring to the police captain, “I reckon the bravest thing Hank ever did was to give up drink. He used to be a terrible lush, you know?” (0:29)

Police captain Hank tells shoe salesman Manolo, “I’d only slap you again if you got hysterical again.” (0:40)

Pete tells Hank, “For some crazy reason he was following me in his car.”
Gangster Joe: “He’s an idiot.” (0:42)

Manolo tells the others, “Sure, I’m the fortune hunter who hypnotized Marcia...” (0:45)

Hank tells Mike, “Yeah, you nabbed his brother on a narcotics rap.” (0:46)

Pete asks Hank, referring to Mike, “Is he crazy?”
Hank: ”Crazy.” (0:50)

Chief Gould tells the others, ”I think we’re out of our minds to be here in Mexico at all.” (0:58)

A voice from from the other side of the wall asks Susie, “You know what marijuana is, don’t you?”
”You know what a Mary Jane is? You know what a mainliner is?”
Susie: “You’re trying to tell me these boys are drugged?” (1:01)

Pete tells Hank, “Never, when you’re sober.’ (1:03)

District Attorney Adair: “Narcotics, mainly?”
Hank: ”Narcotics. He’s a drug addict. He’s got that young wife of his hooked, too... but good. If I hadn't seen that hypodermic myself...”
”Adair: “Hypodermic?”
Hank: “That’s how come he happened to imagine all those crazy things... Both a couple of junkies.”
Adair: “You don’t mean he’s mixed up in the dope racket himself?” (1:07)

Pete tells Mike, referring to Hank, “Good and drunk, probably. After 12 years on the wagon.” (1:13)

One of the girls tells Joe, “We have scattered more reefer stubs around.”
Girl: “Think we’re crazy?”
Joe: “Nobody in the Grandi family gets hooked, understand?” (1:19)

Joe tells Hank, “You’re drunk.”
Pete asks Hank by telephone, “A narcotics rap?” (1:21)

Al tells Mike, referring to Susie, “They found her at the Hotel Ritz, half naked on one of the beds, drugged. There were reefer stubs and a heroin fix.”
”The charge isn't just possession of narcotics.” (1:28)

The coroner tells Pete and Mike, “Articles of clothing, half-smoked reefers, needle marks...”
Mike: “Demerol, for instance, or sodium pentothal.” (1:29)

Pete tells Mike “They didn’t give your wife any real dope. The doc says it was only that truth stuff.”
Mike: “Sodium pentothal.”
Pete: “You say the reefers were planted.” (1:32)

Hank: “I must be drunk.”
Pete, “Hank, don’t be crazy.”
Hank: “Crazy.”
Pete: “Hank, you must be crazy.”
Hank: “Sure I’m crazy.”
”That was sure crazy.”
Pete: “Drunk and crazy as you must've been when you strangled him.”
Hank, referring to his wife, “Always thinking of her, drunk or sober.”
”You sound kind of nervous, Pete.” (1:36)

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