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CastEwan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller
Year released1996
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Heroin addict Mark as narrator asks, "Who needs reasons when you've got heroin?" (0:01)

Addict Sick Boy injects addict Allison using a tourniquet.
Dealer Swanney cooks heroin in a spoon for injection. (0:02)

Swanney holds a syringe.
Mark talks about "all the things that don't matter when you've got a sincere and truthful junk habit." (0:03)

Mark tells Swanney: "I'm finished with that..." (0:05)

Mark prepares to kick, listing the supplies he needs which include "one bottle of Valium." He swallows one while saying he procured it "from my mother who is in her own domestic and socially acceptable way also a drug addict... All I need is one final hit to soothe the pain while Valium takes effect." (0:06)

Mark holds suppositories provided by Mikey, inserts them while standing in front of Mikey. He explains, "Heroin makes you constipated. The heroin from my last hit is fading away and the suppositories have yet to melt." He bends over in pain from cramps. He enters "the worst 'TOILET' in Scotland." Realizing he has expelled the suppositories into the toilet he dives in to retrieve them, finds them on the bottom and surfaces through the toilet. (0:07)

Mark talks about "the downside of coming off junk... Sickboy... came off junk at the same time as me." (0:11)

Mark: "Without heroin I tended to lead a useful and fulfilling life as a good citizen." (0:13)

Mark passes addict friend Spud some powder on a torn square of paper.
Spud says, "A little dab of speed is just the ticket mate." His speech turns pressured. (0:14)

Addict Tommy tells Mark about their friend Begbie "He's got a hangover so bad..." (0:17)

Mark explains, "Begbie didn't do drugs either..." (0:19)

Mark describe drug effects: "Heroin had... sex drive... fueled by alcohol and amphetamine..."
Sick Boy passes a pill to girl's mouth with his tongue (0:22)

Mark says, "[we] made a healthy informed democratic decision to get back on heroin as soon as possible." (0:33)

Preparing to use: Pouring brown powder in a spoon of water (close up shot), stirring the mixture with a matchstick. (0:34)
Boiling the mixture with flaming matches. (0:35)

Sickboy Says, "Like heroin... Heroin's got great... personality." He swivels shoe heel to reveal hidden paraphernalia. (0:36)

Tommy and Mark nod. Sick Boy nods with tourniquet still on his arm, needle in his vein. (0:37)

Mark explains how the "National Health Service... was the source of much of our gear. We stole drugs. We stole prescriptions or bought them, sold them, swapped them, forged them, photocopied them, or traded drugs with cancer victims, alcoholics... We took morphine, diamorphine, cyclazine, codeine, temazepam, nitrazepam, phenobarbital, sodium amytal, dextropropoxyphene, methadone, nalbuphine, pethidine, pentazocine, buprenorphine, dextromoramide, chlormethiazole. The streets are awash with drugs.
Close up of filtering cooked mixture through a tiny wad of cotton on the syringe tip.
Mark with a tourniquet.
Allison injects Swannye in his thigh. (0:37)

The baby is discovered dead in its crib. Mark announces, "I'm cooking up."
Allison tells him, "I need a hit."
Mark holds a needle. (0:39)

In court the judge tells defendants Spud and Mark, "Heroin addiction may explain your actions, but it does not excuse them... Mr. Renton, I undertand that you have entered into a program of rehabilitation in an attempt to wean yourself away from heroin." (0:42)

Mark: "... state sponsored addiction... three sickly sweet doses of methadone a day instead of smack, but it's never enough... I need... one hit..." (0:44)

Mark applies a belt for a tourniquet: "intravenous injection of hard drugs please." Swammey brings Mark a full syringe. He pushes the air out, injects, pulls blood into the syringe, pushes the drug into his vein and falls back, not just onto the floor, but down through the floor, pulling the rug in after him. Could he be seizing? (0:45)

Swanney sends Mark, apparently overdosed, by cab to hospital where another injection, this time likely of naloxone, brings him abruptly up out of the hole with a gasp, fully awake. (0:47)

Back at their home Mark's parents lock him in a room to withdraw in "junkie limbo... sickness is on its way. Sweat, chills, nausea, pain and craving..." Mark experiences visual distortions, hallucinates Begbie and the dead baby, now alive crawling on ceiling. He writhes in bed, sees visions of Spud, a TV quiz show. (0:50)

Mark's mom says, "No methadone..."
Mark asks, "Jellies?" (chloral hydrate?)
Mom: "You're worse coming off that than you are with the heroin." (0:52)

Mark describes "several years of addiction... depression" (0:57)

Diane asks Mark "Is that hash I can smell?" (1:00)

Begbie discovers his date is really a man dressed as a woman. (1:07)

Mark talks about Sick Boy and "the one smack deal..." (1:08)

Memorial service for Tommy: Gavin (?) tells Mark how before his death Tommy "just uses more smack for the pain"
The group grieves in a pub. (1:10)

Mark draws up a syringe to test a sample of drug before selling it. Referring to Begbie, Mark talks about what might happen "If he got caught with a bag full of smack..." (1:15)

For Mark's "final hit" he injects in a bus toilet. (1:16)

At the drug deal we see bags of brown powder, presumably heroin. (1:18)

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