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Woody Harrelson, Emily Mortimer, Ben Kingsley, Eduardo Noriega, Kate Mara, Thomas Kretschmann
heroin | Drug Enforcement Administration
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The detective tells detective Elia Grinko, "The victim, Nazim Kalandarov, is a low-level drug dealer in Rushan's gang."
Grinko: ”And the drugs?”
Detective: ”Drugs are probably halfway to Hokkaido by now.” (0:03)

A French passenger tells hardware store owner Roy, "Drug dealers." (0:08)

Passenger Carlos translates the Spanish word resaca for Roy’s wife Jessie: "Hangover." (0:23)

Jessie tells Carlos’ lover Abby, "There was jail... and, uh, detox."
”I was drunk...” (0:28)

A conductor answers Jesse, "Drugs." (0:34)

Carlos: ".Hey... let's not worry about Roy..." (0:36)

Jessie, by telephone: "I was pretty worried, Roy." (0:43)

Jessie strikes Carlos on the head with a board. (0:53)

Grinko tells Jesse and Roy he is "With FSKN, like your Bureau of Narcotics."
”Drivers bring heroin from Kabul in back of truck... They add special chemical to heroin, molded into objects... They pay people, mules, you call them, who can travel easily with drugs.”
Roy, referring to Carlos and Abby: ”Do you think they could have been mules?” (0:59)

Grinko tells Jessie, referring to his son, "He died of bone cancer." (1:09)

Grinko tells the others, "Heroin."
Roy, referring to Jessie: ”She panicked, Ilia.” (1:14)

Grinko tells Roy, "I am detective Ilia Grinko, Narcotic Division..." (1:23)

Roy tells Grinko, "You have your drugs."
Grinko: ”Not my drugs, Roy. you think this is about couple kilos heroin?” (1:25)

Grinko tells the soldiers, "Ilia Grinko, Narcotics Bureau." (1:37)

An American official tells Jessie and Roy, referring to a man in a photograph, "He pours junk into the states by Japan." (1:39)