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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Dorothy McGuire, Joan Blondell, James Dunn, Lloyd Nolan, James Gleason, Peggy Ann Garner
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Francie tells her brother Neeley, referring to her aunt Sissy, “She’s crazy about babies.” (0:12)

Francie reads from the library card catalog: “T. U. Burton, Anatomy of Melancholy.”
She reads: ”Burton, Anatomy of Melancholy.”
Librarian: “But you’ll only be confused.” (0:13)

Francie tells entertainer Johnny, “Papa, you’re crazy.” (0:18)

Her sister Sissy tells Francie's mother Katie, referring to Katie's new husband, “Oh, you’ll be crazy about him Katie.”
Katie: “Yeah, and where does crazy over somebody get you?”
Katie, referring to Johnny: “I wish sometimes I wasn’t so crazy about him.”
Sissy: “You was awful crazy about Johnny.”
”And you wasn't crazy about Johnny because he was going to be a banker... That’s what you was crazy about... “
”You still got all you was crazy over, ain’t ya?” (0:26)

Neeley tells Sissy, “Pop can many anybody laugh when he wants to, except when he’s drunk.” (0:31)

Johnny tells Katie, “I’m gonna cut out the drinking too.”
”It was just because they was a little drunk and feeling good.” (0:46)

Johnny staggers home. (0:48)

The doctor tells Katie Johnny died from “Acute alcoholism and pneumonia.”
”Pneumonia was the direct cause of death, but the alcoholism was...” (1:27)

Burial of Johnny. (1:28)

Francie lets herself cry about losing her father. (1:53)

Officer McShane tells Katie, “Well, I said nothing Mrs. Nolan because it was near the time of your own bereavement...” (1:59)

How many relationship triangles can you find?