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Trees Lounge

CastCarol Kane, Mark Boone Junior, Steve Buscemi
Year released1996
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Sign: "Central Pharmacy Prescriptions" (0:06)

Mechanic Rob tells his girlfriend Theresa, referring to his ex-employee and her ex-boyfriend, Tommy, "He’s drivin’ me crazy."
Theresa: ”No, you idiot.” (0:11)

Tommy tells bar paton Crystal, "I’m losing my mind." (0:13)

Tommy asks bar patron Mike, "Hey, man, you doin’ blow in there?" (0:18)

Ice cream man Uncle Al in open casket at funeral (0:25)

Uncle Al’s son, Tommy’s cousin, Matthew divides lines of cocaine on a mirror.
He snorts a line through a rolled bill.
He tells Tommy, ”I just did your line, man.” (0:29)

Rob tells Theresa, "I’m not in the mood. I’m not in the mood for this today." (0:37)

In a video, Uncle Al asks, "What are you doin’, you moron?" (0:38)

Billy tells Stan, "You look like an idiot." (0:54)

Mike tells his wife Marie, referring to their daughter Anna, "You gonna... sit there with her so some idiot doesn’t blow her head off?" (0:57)

Mike rolls a joint.
Theresa’s niece Debbie asks, ”Is this good pot?”
Tommy tokes the joint then passes it to Debbie.
Debbie: ”I get too stoned if it’s good.”
Mike: ”You’re not gonna get wasted for anything. It won’t get you too high... or messed up.”
Mike offers cocaine to the others. (1:00)

Debbie tells Tommy, "I’m really stoned."
”No, I’m too stoned.”
Tommy: ”Are you stoned?” (1:04)

Tommy tells Debbie, referring to Mike, "That guy’s some kind of a wacko."
”He does shitty drugs.”
Debbie, referring to Tommy’s imitation of Marlon Brando, ”Was that Jerry Lewis?”
Tommy: ”Jerry Lewis. You thought that was Jerry Lewis?” (1:05)

By telephone, Debbie tells Tommy, referring to her father Jerry, "He went nuts." (1:13)

Jerry rages at Tommy. (1:20)

Jackie: "Don’t talk like an idiot, Stan."
Stan: ”Don’t call me an idiot, Jackie.” (1:29)

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