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The Trip to Bountiful

Geraldine Page, John Heard, Carlin Glynn, Richard Bradford, Rebecca De Mornay, Kevin Cooney, Norman Bennett, Harvey Lewis, Kirk Sisco, Dave Tanner, Gil Glasgow, Mary Kay Mars
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Homemaker Jesse May tells her husband Ludie, "It just keeps me so nervous never knowing..." (0:13)

Jessie Mae tells Ludie's mother Mrs. Watts, "I'm nervous." (0:21)

Mrs. Watts tells passenger Thelma, referring to Jessie Mae, "I bet she told you I was crazy."
"Poor Jessie Mae thinks everybody's crazy..." (0:46)

Mrs. Watts tells Thelma, "Hymns make Jesse May nervous." (0:48)

Mrs. Watts tells Thelma about the loss of her father and her babies. (0:49)

Mrs. Watts talks about her lost love Ray John Murray, "He got drunk, and he married out of spite." (0:52)

Mrs. Watts discovers that her old friend Callie just died. (0:55)

Ludie tells his mother about the death of his grandfather: "I remember the day that he died." (1:30)

Do we see triangulation in Ludie's relationships with his mother and wife.