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Catherine Deneuve, Fernando Rey, Franco Nero as Horacio, Lola Gaos, Antonio Casas
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Mute boys play soccer. (0:01)

The coach tells Tristana and servant Saturna, "Saturno isn’t a bad boy, a bit confused, but smart." (0:02)

Tristana tells the boy, "It’s for my mother. She died recently." (0:02)

The coach tells Saturna, referring to her son, "He’s easily distracted and very lazy..." (0:03)

Don Lope tells Tristana, "... your mourning is a nuisance to everyone." (0:08)

Saturna yells at the boys: "The first one to arrive is an idiot." (0:10)

Tristana calls a boy, "Idiot." (0:12)

Don Lope tells his friends, "Don’t worry." (0:17)

Saturna tells Don Lope, "When you don’t have money or an appetite, you’re in a bad mood." (0:20)

Don Lope tells Tristana, "From tomorrow, no more mourning... Mourning is a savage custom, like painting your face or tattooing your body." (0:21)

Tristana tells Saturna, referring to artist Horacio Diaz, "He’ll think I’m a fool or an idiot." (0:38)

Tristana asks Don Lope, "If I laugh for joy, will you think I’m mad?" (0:40)

Don Lope, referring to an older woman, his sister: "Idiot." (0:41)

Tristana tells Horacio, referring to Don Lope, "His moods change in a moment." (0:47)

Horacio tells Don Lope, referring to Tristana, "She told me what kind of old pervert you are." (1:01)

Don Lope asks his friend Cosme, "Do you think I would go to my sister’s funeral, that parade of cassocks?... She’ll have died grieving..." (1:04)

Horacio tells Don Lope, handing him a paper, "Here’s the diagnosis."
Referring to Tristana: ”She drove me crazy, insisting” (1:07)

Dr. Miquis asks Tristana, "How is my favorite patient?" (1:10)

Don Lope tells Miquis, "I’m mad, and I don’t know what I’m saying."
Miquis: ”I’m going to see the patient.” (1:12)

Don Lope tells Horacio, "You understand my grief." (1:14)

Tristana tells Don Lope, "It’s incredible that you still have those illusions at your age." (1:28)

Don Candido: "You’re just worrying, Lope."
Don Lope: ”My memory’s getting worse.” (1:31)